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Saturday, June 11, 2016

exercising restraint

 I sometimes find myself with a lot on my mind but unwilling to write about any of it. Not because it is something bad, rather because I don't want to stir things up. People are quick to judge and tempers flare readily. Controversy is something I try to avoid. There are other times when I feel the need to speak up though, mostly when I grow frustrated. Then I feel the need to explain. Then I become the doctor ! Having never talked with a professional therapist, except for one occasion, I think that is all they do, attempt to explain things to you. Right now you're wondering why I talked with a professional therapist so I will explain that. I was to become a Navy recruiter. A part of the qualification process is being interviewed by a shrink. So, I did and passed with flying colors. He determined I was mentally fit. A little side note here : at the end of the interview he asked me if I had any questions. I responded, just one. Who determines if you are mentally fit ? His reaction was righteous indignation. He stuttered and stammered a bit and told me his colleagues did that. Then he wrote something on my papers and told me the interview was over and he has to take the next patient. I reminded him I wasn't a patient. Don't think he liked it much.
 This morning I am thinking about several items in the news. Hillary being the first female candidate for President, debatable, Muhammed Ali, a great boxer and a draft dodger. That Stanford kid and the sentencing he received. The shooting of the gorilla. All these things have people up in arms, pro and con. And in all of them there isn't anything I can say in the way of explanation. The explanation would only be my personal feelings. I don't think that would be of any value to anyone else. That is something I am slowly learning over time, if what you are saying isn't helping anyone, it is probably not worth saying. Does the way I feel make a difference to anyone else ? To those close to me it would, but only to a degree. To those that only know my name that degree would be a lot less. It is to be expected and I understand that completely. Still, I believe in being respectful of others opinions, a trait that appears to be vanishing, especially on social media. I was taught to exercise restraint when others stated their opinions. Give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm not saying I am always successful in that but I try. It may appear as an argument to some but I call it explaining. I'm just trying to explain and get you to understand my logic. That is a difficult thing to do at times. There are times when my logic is flawed but I don't know that ! That's a problem too.
 What I have observed over the years is the government pushing an agenda. Forcing the issues. I do not think it is a good thing, I believe in allowing a more natural progression. Those that feel " oppressed " in some fashion, whether it is race, creed, national origin, their sex or sexual preferences, advocating for this push. You cannot legislate tolerance or respect ! Tolerance is granted by the individual and respect must be earned. Now, that few sentences could really open up the proverbial can of worms ! The latest push is having a woman for president. Regardless of any perceived or factual lawlessness and indiscretion on her part. A sitting president has endorsed a candidate that is currently under investigation, by several agencies of the government ! Does that not speak to others ? Surely I am not alone in this. If the presumptive nominee were a man would that endorsement be forthcoming ? If the current president was able to run for reelection would he be saying the same thing about the candidate ? I highly doubt that. It is not about the Republicans and the Democrats. It is about an overall agenda. We have our first African American president, I recall when we had our first Catholic one, a big deal. Now we will get our first female. What's next ? The first Gay president or the first Hispanic president or the first Transgender president ? There will always be firsts. Attempting to create that first should not be the basis for a campaign. There, now I've started to explain things that won't help anybody. I'm going to quit. I will try to exercise restraint. Thing is, I'm getting tired !