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Friday, June 17, 2016

multiple choice ?

 It is a good thing to question. Possibilities abound to those that seek knowledge. I have always loved to read and inquire about things. The how and why of the world is a fascinating thing. People are fascinating. There are many paths to be taken. I do believe we all end up in the same place. In the end our energy, our life force will be distributed. Whether that force is for good or evil is determined by our actions here on earth. Earth is just the proving grounds for the eternal struggle. The struggle between good and bad. There really are only two choices. There is black and white. We do tend to exist in the grey zone though. That is simply because it is far more comfortable. Man was given a commandment, But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. That is the King James version and the one I grew up reading. What does it mean ? I think it just means that is the day man lost his innocence, the day mankind decided to go his own way. The directive was simple, do not do it. We did. We were given free will by our God and our first use of that was to defy him. The penalty, death. Pretty simple concept to understand.
 We are in a time when everything is being questioned. I try to follow along with the questions. My main problem right now is I don't agree with a lot of the answers. My choices do not seem to be in alignment with the majority. That wasn't always the case though, but times change. Social attitudes and conventions change. It is a different test altogether. My answers are being challenged more frequently. Over the years I have changed some of my answers and been corrected. I have seen a larger world than I ever imagined as a child. With aging comes a certain degree of wisdom. It is just a natural byproduct of living. Experience is truly the greatest teacher. Is there ever an age when all the questions are true and false ? That is to say, are all the questions multiple choice ? I don't think so. One should be aware of all the possibilities but in the end you must decide. Just changing the answers is not the solution. You do have to reach a point of conviction. A point where you submit the completed exam for the ultimate grade. And it is a pass/fail type of thing, you don't get graded on a curve !
 I believe each of us struggle everyday with the decision of eating that fruit. Our innocence is lost beginning with our birth. That was the penalty. We struggle to answer the questions. The path we choose to take will define the journey. We all know the answers inherently. Whether we choose to state them openly or not, is not of importance. What is important is living them. The questions need to be examined with our hearts. In that way the answers become clear. The fog is lifted. There is right and wrong.