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Saturday, December 17, 2016


 Today is the day. I, along with other members of the Greensboro Historical Society will be laying the wreaths at the Greensboro cemetery. This is national " wreaths across America  " day. We didn't get as many wreaths this years as we have in past years. I'll begin working towards next year, probably in the spring. I was asked, at the last minute, to chair this years drive. I admit I did a terrible job at it. I'm not going to make a bunch of excuses for it either. I am committing myself to do a far better job next year. My brothers in arms deserve much better.
 I am personally responsible for the laying of eight wreaths. These are the ones I either sold or bought for myself. I will, as tradition dictates, say the name of each veteran out loud and thank them for their service. Wreaths Across America believes in the words, each of us die twice. Once when our heart stops beating and again when our name is no longer spoken. It is a sentiment I believe in as well. There names will be spoken, they will be kept alive in memory. The fact that I only knew one of them personally doesn't matter. One wreath goes on the grave of a Colonel Comegy. He fought in the civil war. I am not aware if he has any family left in the area. I " adopted " that veteran. The good Colonel is not forgotten.
 The wreaths, made of evergreen boughs represent eternal life. That is a tradition that dates back at least as far as the ancient Greeks. Some traditions use wreaths to symbolize victory and that is why they were hung on doors. To show that a victor lived there. Many believe they are Christmas wreaths, Yes, they are and the symbolism is obvious if one were to examine the history. Eternal life is promised. It is believed that the use of wreaths for Christmas, Advent on the Christian calendar, came out of Germany. A truly traditional Advent wreath will have five candles. A candle is lit each week during advent and the fifth one, representing the birth of Jesus, is lighted on Christmas eve. It symbolizes the light of the world, Jesus. The Advent wreath became known as a Christmas wreath. One can say it represents victory over death, which is the promise of God in Christianity.