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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

minority rule ?

 I wonder what has happened. How has it come to be that the majority are being suppressed by the minority ? Evidence of this can be seen and heard everywhere, especially at this time of year. It started with the saying of Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas has become almost a challenge to the norm now. It is said more in defiance than in the expression of a sentiment. Why ? The reason is simply explained as being inclusive. That is the narrative now. Merry Christmas is a Christian expression. Of course the argument is that America is not a Christian nation. I would disagree with that assessment but I don't believe anyone could argue that there are more Christians than any other religious group in this country. Christians are the majority. And so that is why I wonder what has happened. Why is it wrong to acknowledge that ?
 I understand that no one has banned Christmas or anything like that. There are those that have sued to have removed any religious symbols from government property citing the first amendment. I don't agree but understand the thought process. It is what the amendment says. It is a tenuous argument at best but upheld by the court. If I had the means I would fight to oppose that opinion. It is my belief that our nation was indeed formed with the idea of God in mind. God, as the AA people say, whatever you conceive him to be, is a requirement. That is step two in their program. I would say it is also a necessary thing for any government, belief in a power greater than themselves. Governments are people. This government, this republic, is " of the people " and people require belief in a greater power. We do have names for leaders that believe otherwise. Tyrants, dictators and despots.
  All this runs much deeper than an expression of good will. The framers of the constitution did indeed wish to keep the practice of religion separate from the decisions of government. They didn't envision that God or the concept of a higher power, would ever be considered unnecessary. As we all know there are many denominations in the practice of Christianity. They are called denominations because they do share a common denominator, a belief in God. Jefferson, Madison and others did not want the Baptists, Methodist, Catholics or any other denomination to be the state religion. That is what they meant by that separation, not a separation from God ! But what of this complete severing of ties with the basic tenants of that belief in the Christian god ? And how else could you view that when you remove such symbols as the Ten Commandments from state property ? Do those laws not apply ? What else could an impartial observer not conclude given the evidence ? The fourth commandment tells us to keep the Sabbath holy. That was declared unfair many years ago. It was, after all, impacting business. Thou shall not do any thing hurtful to the health, or life of thy own body, or any other's. Yet somehow the government justifies that very action and funds it ! I just wonder how this has come to be.
 Is the majority justified in imposing its' will upon the minority ? That is the root of all this. How could it be any different ? I believe God did give man those ten basic tenants of law. If all men were to abide strictly by them, all would be well. Yes, men need laws. I would argue the whole world needs laws. The argument is over which ones to follow. I know ten. And I do subscribe to the notion of keeping things simple. So did the founding fathers. They thought the idea of God was simple enough for all to understand. No need to legislate that.