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Just Me
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Sunday, December 25, 2016

The present

 It's Christmas morning. I'm sitting here waiting for the " kids " to arrive. My kid is 41 now and in no hurry. His kids are teenagers, have to get them out of bed before noon. But, I know at some point they will arrive. It won't take long for the gifts to be unwrapped and then it's all over. All the anticipation and preparation gone in an instant. What memories may be made. What one thing will stand out ? One can never tell for sure. Sometimes the waiting is more fun than the result. For myself just having the kids here is more than enough. We don't spend enough time together, a result of the modern world. Our world has grown smaller in many ways, we can travel quickly, in almost any weather and communicate in an instant. Yet the result is sometimes a feeling of separation. Strange how that is. When I was small I was limited to my little town. When the family took a long journey, it was a distance of about 25 miles. And that didn't happen often. We usually ate dinner together. Every holiday was spent with my family. Well up until you moved out of the house. Then we all began our " lives " and scattered.
 This is my 63rd Christmas. How many do I really remember ? The truth is only a handful. Or is it that all my Christmas memories are running together ? I believe it is a little of both. I do remember more about the time leading up to today than the actual day. It was always, and still is, the best part of the season. All the anticipation. When I was a kid I was worried about what I would get, then I was worried about what I would give, and the final stage is looking for smiles. That is what I want for Christmas. To see my family, all together smiling is just the best present there is. It is the " present " I want every day.
 I will make the phone calls this morning. My Mom and my sister are both in Florida. I have one brother in Georgia and another in heaven. This is the second Christmas that brother Harold is smiling down upon us all. I'm betting he is having a wonderful Christmas. Must be quite the party ! Surely he is celebrating with my father. Christmas is about the present. The birth of Jesus, a new beginning for mankind, truly an invaluable gift from God. A time for new beginnings for everyone. No matter what name you choose to call him by, the present is the same. The present is the same for us all. And there is no time like the present.