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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Miracles and magic

Tis the season. I just watched an advertisement for the clapper. It's a classic. I remember seeing them when they first came out. And then I thought of another classic advertisement. Remember when Santa Claus rode the Norelco floating heads down the hill ? What a great commercial. For some reason I really enjoyed that one and I believe it was around for a few seasons. Well, the coca -cola bears were kinda cute too.
 It could be just me but I don't think there are as many advertisements for toys these days. I may be wrong and just not paying attention but where are the dolls and toy guns ? Oh, I guess we are not supposed to promote that stuff anymore. Would that be objectifying our children ? Yes, I guess it would be, expecting girls to want to play with dolls and such, and boys to do, well, boy stuff. Yes, very offensive indeed. Still I miss seeing the easy bake oven commercials and the " Johnny Reb " canon. I can't help but wonder what chatty Cathy would have to say about all of this ? I did have the gun that shoots around the corner when I was young and ambushed Barbie more than once. I also had a doctor bag with all the necessary equipment in it, it even had a needle !  Oh and those chemistry sets, they were really cool. Yeah, some of the experiments warned you to have Dad help but that was only if you didn't know what you were doing.
 Now that I think of it I haven't seen any commercials for toys. I have seen the one for the Hess truck but that is more a collector thing. I'm trying to think and really can't come up with a single one. Is there a must have toy this year ? Not that I ever understood it, but what happened to those must have things like a Cabbage Patch doll or the new X-Box ? I haven't heard anything about items like that. Could it be that the kids gets everything all the time now and so the waiting for Christmas thing is a mute point ? Just a thought. I do know that I could only expect those " big " gifts twice a year. For your birthday or for Christmas. And you were more likely to get that really big thing at Christmas because Santa just built it for you, he didn't have to buy it. Even when we were old enough to have our doubts about that jolly old elf we knew Christmas was the time for a miracle. And, believe me, it felt like a miracle when I got that new string ray bicycle from page 359 of the Sears Christmas wish book ! Miracles and magic that is my Christmas.
 Sadly it seems that is also Christmas past. I don't think the children today are as anxious about Christmas as we were. Oh I'm sure there are still some around. but for the most part I just don't think there are many. I mean we never saw the guy till the end of the Thanksgiving day parade. We could write to him but we didn't send e-mail or instant messages. Personally I never received an answer from him, not unexpected though, the guy is pretty busy. The kids today receive responses in a few minutes, they can even Tweet him. My thinking is that changes things a bit.
 I'll start paying attention and see if there are commercials for toys. I really haven't noticed any. I see a lot for cars though. I'll have to ask some kids. I do wonder what it is the kids want this year. I remember wanting and getting a shotgun when I was sixteen. I might have put three boxes of shells through her. I never was much of a hunter but that isn't the point. Every once in a while at this time of year I remember that set of Tonka trucks I got from my Aunt and Uncle, awesome. Same year my sister got her go-go boots !