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Sunday, December 11, 2016

down the highway

  Yesterday another milestone was reached. My grandson got his learners permit ! Yup, I'm officially that old. At least that is the way I see it. He will most likely never drive a car that is a 19 anything. My first car was a 1963 Falcon station wagon. They no longer make a Falcon or a station wagon. At least Ford motor company doesn't. They make something similar, a sport utility vehicle. When I received my learners permit a jeep was about the only utility vehicle I can remember. So now my grandson will travel the highways and by-ways of America. The vehicles he will drive are quite a bit advanced from my day. I can't imagine what his grandchildren may be driving, or flying. I mean, we were promised flying cars weren't we ? I haven't seen any practical ones yet, but can they far off ? We do have cars that can park themselves, have automatic braking systems and self driving cars are in development. When we have those will a learners permit even be required ? Will a drivers license be required if you don't have to drive the car ? I don't know about that but I'm getting ahead of myself.
 It doesn't seem that long ago when he learned to ride a two wheeled bicycle. I remember clearly the pride of accomplishment he showed on his face. I remember buying him several bikes as he grew. I also remember when he became " too old " to ride a bike. Oh, he never said so but I knew it. Well you do have a rep to maintain you know. Street cred in Greensboro is like that. I have no idea what kind of car or truck he wants. I don't think it is a big concern of his. He is like his Dad in that regard, reliable transportation is the goal, not a statement piece. Mark is a very responsible kid and I'm not concerned with that. I'm certain he will be very cautious and obey all the rules. He is a bit of a stickler in that regard and that ain't a bad thing.
 It will be some time before he is licensed to drive on his own. I know how long a process that is nowadays. There are far more restrictions and requirements than when I got mine. In Maryland you must attend a certified driving school. They don't have drivers ed class like I did. Hey, Coach Ted Meyers taught me to drive and that was good enough. Earned a discount on my insurance policy too. Still, having a grandson that can drive gives you pause. Really, my grandson can drive me to the store ? Oh man. Well, we don't have any manual shift vehicles for him to learn that skill. I'm hoping to teach him that at some point. I'm also going to teach him how to change a tire and some basic maintenance things. I think every driver should know that stuff even though the law doesn't require it.
The consolation is the cars are far safer than what we had. The downside is they are faster and come with more distractions. I only had an eight track player to distract me. The roads are better although they are filled with people with road rage ! You don't see hitchhikers that much anymore. At least he has a cell phone and will never be stranded on a back road somewhere. That was a real possibility when I was his age. Now, they are never out of touch. Dad can track the car too, that technology exists. Yeah it is a different experience nowadays. Different for me anyway ! I'm nervous.