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Friday, December 23, 2016

climate change

 Is it just me or do you think the climate on Facebook has changed ? Ha, you read the title and thought I was going to write about the climate. Nah, but I read somewhere if you want people to read your stuff you gotta have a hook. But to get back to what I started talking about, I do think since the campaign and subsequent election the climate has changed. I just can't decide if it is for the better. Many folks are angry, many more are scared, and some aren't talking at all ! Emotions have been laid bare and nerves have become raw. It all feels a little bit uncomfortable to me.
 Facebook itself has said they will try to cut back on " fake " news. I do believe a lot of misinformation spread on Facebook about the candidates added to the problem. I read so many stories about the two major candidates that it was becoming difficult to tell what was real or what was contrived. Neither candidate discussed in any detail there platform. It came down to vote for Hillary because she is a woman, and will continue to do what Obama has been doing for the last eight years. To vote for Trump was to vote for the polar opposite. That was his platform really. I'm not a politician, I will say and do whatever I feel, and I don't care if you like it or not. And from those two platforms the mudslinging began. Unfortunately almost everyone got covered with mud at one point or another. Now the cleanup begins and feelings are still hurt.
 Now I do enjoy seeing everyone's photos. Of course one has to be careful. Don't want to be looking and making too many comments about children, you could get yourself a label ! Just sayin' it is a different world now. I like the " good mornings " as all my Facebook friends know. I do not like the copy and paste if you love Jesus, hate cancer, and any number of obvious things postings but awareness is a good thing. I'm just not much for emotional blackmailing folks. That's the way I see those posts anyway, do this, or suffer the consequences. You might be heartless and uncaring if you don't follow directions. On the other hand there isn't much else one can safely post. Posting your honest opinion about anything can lead to conflict ! Folks are emboldened by a keyboard and a few hundred miles. Social media has a different set of rules. Polite society is not always observed. Crude, rude and offensive language is to be expected. Most I ignore occasionally hitting the " I don't want to see this " button. I was once moved to completely block an individual. I have since learned to temper my response and haven't done so since.
 I do think the conversation is over. I find that a little sad. I guess Facebook has run its' course so to speak. I think revealing too much of who you really are causes problems. I think it is only because folks aren't used to talking to one another anymore. At least not without confrontation that is. I was taught such things as, if you don't have anything nice to say , don't say anything at all, and one does not talk about certain subjects in polite company. Every conversation was not a fight to the death. We could disagree and just move on. The end of a topic may have been indicated with certain phrases. A muttering of. " to each their own " was a signal. We don't agree but it was alright for you to do whatever. In other words I wasn't morally offended and moved to start a crusade because of your choice. I would then change the subject or bid you good day. I would speak to you in a cordial fashion the next time we should meet. I didn't block you or attack you at every opportunity. I already know, at this point, how you feel about whatever. Doesn't mean we can't talk about something else. As humans, sooner or later, we will find common ground.
 I will continue to post my good mornings and share my pictures. I will continue to comment and give my opinion. I look forward to seeing what others have to post and say. I'm interested in what interests others. Yes, folks can be amusing. I'm certain there are some that are amused by my ramblings and rantings as well, and that is okay. I try not to hurt anyone's feelings or post negative things. I make a conscious attempt at being cordial. I have gone on quite a bit about a simple question. I do think there has been a change of climate on Facebook, do you ?