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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

an uncomfortable truth

 It is not in my nature to turn and walk away. I find that the most difficult of actions. I guess the optimist in me just won't allow that. Others would call it being stubborn. The truth is it is a little bit of both. To turn and walk away is to concede, something I have difficulty doing. Yes, I hate to lose. I've heard that said about me all my life and it is true. I also believe that it is a healthy thing. One should hate to lose, who wants to lose ? I play games to win them. Life is a game, isn't that what they say ? I hope to win in life as well. Of course defining the later is the real challenge. What is wining in life ? Is it the acquisition of goods and money ? Is it being the most popular ? Should you strive for the highest social status ?
 I think wining in life is just being happy. Happiness doesn't necessarily equate to being content, one can still have ambition. Happiness is the enjoyment of whatever you possess. Some things we have for a lifetime and others are transient. The things I enjoyed forty years ago are not the same as I enjoy today. I take no less pleasure in them. There are certain things, cornerstones if you choose that term, that we build upon. Some build upon station and status. There are others that build upon their character. Both may have great material success. Happiness comes not from what others perceive us to be, but rather from what we perceive ourselves to be. When we disagree with the perception presented by others, or ourselves, our happiness is effected. Remember happiness comes from our own perception and that is why I find it hard to walk away. You can't walk away from yourself. I also find it difficult to just dismiss others, even when I don't agree with their opinions. I will try to change their perception, provide them with more knowledge or insight. The real difficulty lies in changing yourself.
 I realize that there are times when you have no choice. You must walk away. I have had those moments. I also carry the burden of that decision with me. Perhaps I should have done more ? Perhaps it was I that was the  ignorant one. For me just putting something out of sight does not put it out of mind. But I also think that speaks to the foundation upon which you have chosen to build. If your foundation is about station and status dismissing others is just part of the game. How else can one advance ? If you have chosen to build upon character other folks are integral to your success.  One should choose the material they build with carefully. Close examination may reveal what is perceived as a flaw, to be an asset. Life is all about making decisions. The decisions we make control our happiness. No matter how much we attempt to deflect the responsibility for those decisions on others, we are the one held to account.
 To just turn and walk away is to abandon all hope. It is an admission of failure. Yes you may achieve a measure of satisfaction, perhaps some peace, but what have you lost ? That is the question that haunts me. Does everyone have some intrinsic value ? Yes, they most certainly do. The only thing to be decided is whether they are worth the effort. Anything worth having is worth working for. The dismissal of another human being is nothing to be taken lightly. Often times the ones that make us uncomfortable, make us question ourselves, are the ones we learn from. Even the dumbest student will get a few answers correct !