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Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Christmas

 Time to start packing it up ! It was a wonderful Christmas, good company, good food, and all topped with plenty of love. So now we will begin to take down the decorations and store them for another year. The weather here is going to be quite warm and I will take advantage of that. We are talking about sorting out some of the stuff that has collected over the years. Might be time to lighten that load. We have stuff that we don't use anymore, junk really. Isn't that what we say ? Then we look at it and remember, and it makes it hard to part with. What harm is it doing in the attic ? Well, we'll see maybe this year a few more things will just disappear.
 I do enjoy the decorations and the anticipation of the day. Now that it is over I'm ready to move on. I'm not one to leave the decorations out. I know some folks would leave it up all year round but not me. I don't do anything for new years. Even in years past  when I was much younger and much more foolish I didn't celebrate all that much. I almost always stayed at home. If I made it to midnight that was an accomplishment. And no it wasn't because I would pass out, I just got tired. Fact is, I still do get tired and will most likely be in bed long before that ball drops. Just hasn't been the same since we lost Guy Lombardo ! Oh, we had Dick Clark for a good while, that wasn't the same but familiar. This Ryan Seacrest fella, whoever he is, I just don't know. Anyway the attraction to party till midnight just isn't there.
 The year 2017 is less than a week away. I'm praying it is a much better year. My general impression of 2016 is not a good one. Yes there were moments, and good things did happen, but overall I would say it wasn't all that great. Seems as though everyone was offended in some fashion. Traditional thinking and values took some pretty good hits this past year. Setting all the politics aside I sure hope there is some correction that takes place in that regard. America could use a return to its' roots is my feeling. Maybe we could quit all the shouting and just listen for a while.
 As for resolutions, I don't make them. In that way I won't break them. Are there things I want to do in 2017 ? Of course there are and I will work towards those goals. I know the experts say you should set goals and have a way of measuring your progress. For me, as long as I wake up in the morning I'm making progress ! Why put unnecessary pressure on yourself ? To what end  ? If I were to make a resolution it would be to live each day. To try to just take each day as it comes and enjoy whatever is offered. To " live each moment " and not anticipate tomorrow. But, that isn't me really. I look forward to every tomorrow, that is the motto of the procrastinator, there is always tomorrow. I call it being optimistic, like Scarlet O'Hara I just say, " after all, tomorrow is another day."