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Just Me
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Friday, December 2, 2016

THat's fair

 Todays problems can be solved with yesterdays answers. What ? That's right we do not need new solutions to old problems. In many cases the old responses were the correct ones. But, man being man we just naturally have to fool around with things. We are like teenagers, we know it all. And this has become more of a problem as we convince ourselves ( humanity ) that we are so intelligent. We can tell you about the beginnings of the universe and how it will end. Yup, we know it all. Not only that, we can prove it ! We all have college degrees. Sure we are deeply in debt paying for an " education " in such on demand fields as basket weaving and business degrees, but we'll just ask the government for forgiveness. We'll let the uneducated masses, the ones working and paying taxes take care of it. We are too educated for menial labor. Hey even us menial labor folks are smart enough to know we should demand fifteen dollars a hour to flip a burger. That's a little over thirty thousand a year. We deserve that much. Hey what with the cost of tattoos, child care for us unwed mothers, and health insurance how are we supposed to live ? We need a smart phone with unlimited data and chat. Oh and we need those 200 hundred dollar shoes and handbags. And for us dudes, air Jordan's or whatever is trendy, more tattoos and piercings. All that stuff costs money. Well and those pesky child support payments too !
  What did we do in the past. We began with an understanding. Life isn't fair and never will be. We understood that others have more than us. We understood some folks were just naturally smarter than us. Other folks are better athletes.  We learned that you had best know how to do for yourself because you can't always count on others. We heard JFK say, " ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country. " Yes and we believed in that. We understood that the people " collectively " are the nation , not individually. I represent the nation, not the other way around. We also understood consequences. You would be held to account and justice was swift. Whether it was Mom and Dad, the neighbors, or the Police. You had to answer for your actions. And most importantly you were told the truth ! If you didn't win the race, you lost ! If you didn't pass the test, you failed ! If you didn't perform the job to the expectations of your employer, you were fired ! If you made a commitment you were expected to keep it. No double talk, no buts, no excuses. A mans' word was his bond.
 It just seems to me that today it is all mirrors and smoke. Just say the " correct " things no matter how ridiculous you know it to be. It doesn't matter as long as you " win. " If I can increase my wealth or popularity, the method used or concessions made are irrelevant. The object here is to " win. " to get what I want. And I want it not at all costs, no, I want it at your cost. I'm not willing to make any concessions or expend any of my resources , you should pay for it all. That's fair.