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Friday, December 9, 2016

attitude adjustment

 Every once in a while certain things, not necessarily new things, begin to annoy me. For some reason the little, insignificant things move to the forefront. Most recently it was an insurance commercial. The one where the guys blames the insurance company because he didn't choose the right policy. Typical of todays' thinking, blame it on someone else. But this morning I am thinking about something else. Like I said it is nothing new, but has gone to the head of the line. Ever notice how businesses refer to their patrons as guests ? You know,  even at McDonald they will say, next guest please or something similar. Well it bothers me because I never charge my guests anything. All these places calling me a guest aren't being very hospitable in my opinion. I mean how would you feel if I invited you to dinner and then charged you for the meal ? Oh, and I include a gratuity. I know they have been saying that for many years and I suppose I just never noticed. I get the psychology behind it, the sales deal.  It is supposed to make you feel welcome.
 The other thing that bugs me lately is calling the employees, associates. I guess it is supposed to make you feel like a business partner or something. Well I worked for Lowes for a short while and they weren't anybody I wanted to associate with. Of course I realize that was an isolated incident and may have been my fault. That is not the point. I was a employee, I just worked there, nothing more. I wasn't a partner or some " associate " of an abstract idea of a company. I'm quite certain the CEO and governing board of Lowes wouldn't associate with me in my off time. Maybe they would if I paid them ! That action seems a bit desperate though. They, on the other hand pay me to do a job. And I think that is the best way to handle it. Very rarely it is a good idea, when you are the boss, to be friends, or associate with, your employer. It is not conducive to good order and discipline. Just a little something I learned being in the Navy. We had a saying there, stay in your paygrade. In other words don't try to be friends with those of a lesser station than yourself. They will inevitably expect some favoritism from you, it is human nature.
 I guess that is what bothers me. We have all come to be just a little too informal. This isn't the first time I have had these thoughts about society today. I think it falls back to learning to respect your parents and your elders. Children should address their parents with yes ma'am or yes sir. Mom and Dad works well for more informal times. Calling them by their first names is never acceptable in my opinion. I'm not here to be friends with them, I'm here to guide and instruct them. Yes, they should fear me just a little bit. Their fear should not be from physical harm, but rather that they disappoint. At least that is what I was afraid of. I didn't want to disappoint my parents or cause them embarrassment. Yes, punishment was also a deterrent, I won't try to deny that. But there were also times I would have much preferred a spanking than to have to answer questions. Yes it hurt when Dad or Mom said they were disappointed and they knew you knew better. It hurt because they were right and you were wrong. What can you say in return ? Blaming someone else wasn't an option, no sir, if everyone else jumped of the bridge would you do that too ? Hated that question ? Everyone else in the world could be wrong, but you knew better ! Didn't you ?
 Well that is where all this sugar coating has got us. Fact is I'm not a guest at your restaurant. Guests do not have to pay, I'm a patron. A patron provides financial support to another. There is a difference. I'm doing you the favor. I'm not an associate, I'm an employee. I'm not an associate of my employer. I'm here to do a job. Let's try to keep things on a professional level. Expectations are different when viewed in that fashion. Just maybe fewer folks would be offended if we did that. Could be an attitude adjustment is in order. When you know your role the part is far easier to play. Just sayin'.