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Just Me
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Friday, January 20, 2017


 Let me begin by stating I did not vote for Donald J Trump. Take that for whatever it is worth. The campaign was a nightmare for all of us. If we continue in the same vein this presidency will accomplish little to nothing. Although it is not the first time, we have Congressmen boycotting the inauguration. Do not those same Congressmen represent all the people in their districts ? Having won their respective election, just like Trump, are they then not bound to represent all the people ? I don't appreciate that they choose to ignore that obligation. Listen, like it of not Trump is going to be their boss in a manner of speaking. It is my belief they should all be there to witness the transition of that position. If my Congressman fails to attend I will fail to vote for him/her. Simple as that. No marching in the street, no crying and whining on my part, just a simple response to an action.
  It is my hope that all goes well today. I expect there will be disruptions. I pray no one is hurt. It pains me to see what is going on though. It is a national embarrassment as far as I am concerned. The rest of the world looks to America and what is it that they are seeing now ? We are acting more like some third world banana republic than the leaders of the free world. The impression is not one of " solidarity " a term the left loves to throw around for every case and cause. Well, let's all get behind America and work towards that goal ! Let us set aside our personal wants and needs in benefit to the nation as a whole. My candidate didn't win either, in fact he didn't even get honorable mention and that is alright. You won't hear me calling for him to get some kind of participation award !
 It is going to be a rocky road that much is certain. It will be a time of extremes. Those on the left whining and crying about each and every move made by the current administration, the one that begins at noon today. Those on the right will be clamoring to make bold statements. My biggest fear is that we will degenerate into business as usual. I fear that not much will change at all. A government in turmoil can not govern effectively. We need to seek common ground and set the disappointments of the past aside. They also need not gloat and make hasty or rash decisions just because they can.
 As for me I believe in America and the American way. The electorate has spoken, the choice has been made. It really does no good to cry over spilled milk ! Other presidents have been just as controversial and the country survived. You know there was this ramble rouser that was boycotted by the Democrats for his desire to destroy the economy of the south ! His name was Abraham Lincoln and he wanted to free the workforce ! Free the workforce ! Yes, it is a historical fact. It lead to a civil war and that same President managed to keep the country together. I'd say he did alright. Now we have President Trump. Perhaps it is time to have a businessman direct the business of government. It does seem like the biggest issue is finances, doesn't it ? So many feeling that the government should provide all these services at no charge. Perhaps if nothing more Trump can restore some financial stability. I don't have a choice so I'll give him a chance at it anyway. I can't help but think it wouldn't matter a hoot to the majority of these protesters who was the President is if they were guaranteed their " free " stuff. " Following the civil war all the freed slaves were promised " forty acres and a mule." Many politicians offering " free stuff. " It could be argued that none where more deserving of that " free stuff " but few every received it. The promise and the law were two different things. Trump is making promises we'll see if he follows through. We have to give him the chance. If you don't want to help, that's fine, just don't hinder.