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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

can't you just ?

 The difference being getting it done or doing it. Those really are separate actions. Getting it done may be as simple as buying whatever it is. But " doing it ", that is actually creating whatever it is you want or need. As an example, a shelf. I can go to Lowe's, buy the thing complete with mounting hardware and get it done. Now, doing it requires a great deal more. First I must think about what I need. Will a simple shelf suffice ? All depends doesn't it ? If the wife just wants to put some shelves in the closet to straighten up that is probably what she wants, to get it done. If she then asks her husband to do that, in other words submits her request to the engineering department, she just may discover she needs so much more. Yes the chances are just getting it done isn't enough.  No, if the engineer is going to " do it " the project just got more complicated. Design and development will take some time.
 That is what happens at my house all the time. After the request comes to the engineering department (me) design and development does begin. After the measurements are taken and all the possibilities explored a design does take shape. The design is then submitted to the approving agency (the wife) whose usual response begins with " can't you just. " Three words that will drive any engineer crazy. Can't you just ? No, of course I can't just, otherwise I wouldn't have designed what I did. From there the conversation goes to, yes I could just buy it but I can build a better one. I'm not building this for you as a hobby you know, this is a life skill ! It is this building that made America great. Sure we could have " just bought " that tea from the British but then we wouldn't have a country. So, you see it isn't something I want to do, I have to do it. You asked me to didn't you ?
 Now the other half of this is the domestic tranquility department, that's the wife. That is what she is in charge of. All those little details that make life enjoyable and a pleasant experience. She does cook, clean and take care of the house. And it will be made clear that is not a hobby ! She isn't doing that for the fun of it. It is also as equally foolish to say to that department, can't you just ? No I can't just, any fool can see those colors don't go together, we'll have to repaint. That is of course relegated to the engineering department. It won't be the sole responsibility of the engineering department however, there will be an overseer. The overseer will ask, at least several times, can't we just. This is the project of the domestic tranquility department, before it is over the full range of human emotions will have been explored. Emotions and engineering rarely work together. The creative and the creator. The more I think about it God must have been a woman. Life is too full of contradictions for it to have been otherwise. That is also where " can't you just " came from. God saying to man, " can't you just " do as I say ?