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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In the comfort zone

 It's mid January and the holidays are a memory. Were they memorable ? Not particularly this year. Nothing happened out of the ordinary to make it so. It was very pleasant, I enjoyed them but nothing more. Thankfully nothing negative happened either. I am among the blessed to be able to say that. There are many in the world not so fortunate. The holidays can be a time of depression and loneliness. They can also be a period of stress if you allow that to happen. When I was a child it was a time just filled with expectation. I just knew Santa was going to bring me whatever. I was so excited on Christmas morning I usually forgot what it was I was so expecting ! Remember that ? Then I became a parent and would stress about Santa coming. I wasn't always quite so sure that Santa was going to able to get those gifts. That began to be less of a worry when I became Santa's assistant, ie: a grandparent. Hey, it is up to the big man to provide those high end gifts ! LOL. In more recent years I don't stress nearly as much. I have learned to relax a bit. It is best when the only gifts exchanged are gifts of love and understanding. A difficult thing to accomplish in this material world of ours. The difficulty lying in that desire to make those you love happy. I wouldn't want to disappoint.
  Memories do not reside in the gifts we receive but in the fulfillment of expectation. This year I was fortunate to have my expectations met. Our little family was safe and warm. We had food to eat and everyone in good health. Was it memorable ? Only in the light of contentment. I will remember the Christmas of 2016 as a Christmas similar to all  others and that is a good thing. It is a comfort to an aging man. Old enough to understand and still young enough to have those expectations. Life has not defeated me, and my God has not disappointed. I have received the things I prayed for, time and again. And so my memory is one of happiness and fulfillment. Right there in the comfort zone. My prayer is to remain there.