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Monday, January 2, 2017

patiently frustrated

 So far this has been a year of patient frustration. It is a combination I do not enjoy. Where I a wealthy man I would just pay someone to straighten this whole computer mess out ! Alas I'm just a retired person with limited resources. I did get help from Microsoft support yesterday. Went on chat with them and wound up allowing them to control my computer. Three and a half hours later I don't feel like I'm much better off. The representative did resolve one issue but I'm still left scratching my head and trying to decipher whatever code he was talking in. I have notes, passwords and scribbling everywhere.
 I really shouldn't complain though. I can still get on the internet and enjoy Facebook and all that. At least the computer is working. Of course when I turned it on this morning the first thing was a message about installing updates. It said, don't turn your computer off. An hour and a half later the updates where installed, I guess. Patience followed by frustration for sure. What did I do for four hours yesterday ? It all just so mystifying at times. Oh, and I still have to take my other computer to Best Buy and see the geek squad about that problem. I deferred that until today because I wanted to watch the Ravens football game. They got crushed ! Wasn't worth watching. Well, truth be told I was working with the Microsoft guy on this computer most of the game anyway. It was an exercise in patience for sure.
 Thing is I really have no desire to learn all this stuff. The workings of a computer just don't interest me all that much. I just want it to work. Plug and play is the way to go. I think being one of those computer people must be a life filled with frustration. Ever notice how people that know anything about it never want to help you out ? I know why that is. It'll drive you nuts !
 I just hope this isn't what the year is going to be. My patience is running a bit thin. Of course I remind myself that it isn't the end of the world, just a frustration. Walk away and come back later on. That is what I tell myself. But like a moth to the flame I keep getting drawn in and burned. And it just makes me more determined than ever to figure it out. I just have to be patient. We'll see what the year brings.