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Sunday, January 1, 2017

and the year begins

 Last evening I was browsing some pictures on my computer when I get a message. Your computer needs to restart. It shuts off, starts back up to say, it's broken. Great, now what ? After spending several hours floundering around, the extent of my computer repairing abilities, I arrive at the conclusion  I need to take to someone that knows what is what. But on the bright side, it is still under warranty ! Using the wife's laptop I go to the manufacturers website to see just what is warrantied. Well, seems like they don't really want you to know that as I could find no actual written warranty. I admit it did confirm that my one year manufacturers warranty had three months left on it but not what it covered. Well I expect the boys with the geek squad will know. I fully expect that whatever is wrong isn't going to be the fault of the company, ie: warranty doesn't cover that. I'm ready for that answer though. Fortunately I had another computer in the attic. It seems to be working for now but I bought the other one because this one wouldn't work but then mysteriously repaired itself after the " new " one arrived. Computers, you knows ?
 And so I'm starting out the new year with an old computer. I started the day frustrated but have calmed down some. I wonder if any of this means anything ? Do you believe in omens ? I don't, but don't rule it out completely either. If it is an omen what am I being told ? To stick with the old ? This computer that I'm currently using was last used back in Feb of 2016. I had to install all manner of updates to get her up to speed. Well that's easy enough when the computer just tells you to do it and all that is necessary is to say yes. If I have to read instructions most of the time I will spend more time figuring out what they are talking about rather accomplishing anything. I do know this, my " Boot configuration data is either missing or corrupted ! OMG where did it go and just who did it go with ? Of course it would help to know what " boot configuration data " is. That's the frustration for me. Oh well now I know how others feel when their car won't run and I try to explain the problem to them. When you really haven't a clue it is frustrating.
 Well, it's a new year, same old problems. There really isn't much that changes in the world. It is only our view of it that changes. I've always been able to figure things out for the most part. I can do a little of most everything in the construction trades. I do have a fairly decent working knowledge of mechanical and electrical things. Now this computer stuff is rather baffling and frustrating to me. You can't " see " the problem at all. From all accounts you shouldn't even touch some of the stuff in there ! You need to wear a " grounding strap " or you could blow it up. A little too sensitive for my taste. As hard as it is for me I must resign myself to the fact I can't fix it. And sad to say I just don't have the desire to learn either. I'll leave it to the younger folks to figure out, they are certainly a lot more comfortable with all this stuff.