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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

emotional response

  I have always made an effort to deal with things as pragmatically as possible. Emotions are poor decision makers. Emotions are for songs, poetry and prose. They express the things we wish for, or believe that we once had. Either overly optimistic or filled with regret and sorrow emotion will pull you from the path. You can not build your life, or a nation solely upon emotion. There are the realities to be considered. Reality is not always pleasant or desirable but it isn't going away. There is no escape from it. One can try to medicate it away but that always ends the same way, destroying the person. You can choose to ignore reality and go blissfully along but eventually reality will smack you in the face. You may also choose to scream your frustrations to the world in a feeble attempt to change reality. It will change things alright but seldom the way you want it.
 It seems to me the country has been operating on emotion for too long. It is time for a more pragmatic approach. Is Donald J Trump the man to lead that effort ? I'm not convinced of that, he too expresses a great deal of emotion. All too often we mistake raw emotion as conviction. Then we act upon those emotions in an emotional way. We call it a protest. We begin to protest reality ! That is why you hear of so many demanding stuff of government that is not a function of government. Government does not exist to provide for the welfare of the people. Government exists to " govern " the people and their actions. To govern is to limit. Exactly why we use the phrase limited government. Our government, a constitutional republic, is exactly that. A government of the people. The people are required to govern themselves under this model of government. We have allowed our emotions to govern our actions far too long. Yes, we should have concern for all people. And do we not all put our own people first ? I mean, to whom are you going to give the last piece of bread, to your child or the neighbors child ? You will give it to yours ! That is normal and expected, that is reality. Yet many are demanding that the " government " force the neighbor to give that bread, your last slice, to the neighbor.
 I'm not infallible and get caught up in emotion as quickly as the next man. I try to temper that emotion but it can spill out. I have found that shouting can gain you attention but when you have little to say it is difficult to keep an audience. Some are resorting to just flinging out a bunch of expletives in an effort to prove their " passion. " Well consider this, " passion " can be a defense in a murder trial ! You know why ? Because passion can make you insane. Emotions are like that. We have allowed the government, by our own demands, to operate based on those emotions. Oh we pat ourselves on the back and say how we are the leaders of the free world. We are so enlightened. Yeah we have been  so busy taking care of the neighbors we have neglected ourselves ! While we concern ourselves with bolstering the economy of foreign nations we are going broke. While we send billions of dollars in aid to our " neighbors " we are suffering. We allow, indeed we encourage, our neighbors to steal from our larders. We provide sanctuary for these thieves ! And the whole time we ignore the reality of the situation and demand more. The world isn't fair ! Life isn't fair ! Let us create as much unrest and dissention in the country as possible, it is a cause. Yes, and cause is followed by effect. And if life is any teacher at all I can assure you there will be an effect. And almost always it isn't going to be what you expected or wanted.
 My suggestion is that everyone calm down and take stock. Set emotion to the side and look at the situation. What are the facts ? The facts may not be what you wish them to be but they remain fact. Calling them by a different name doesn't change that. There are inequities in life and their always will be. " The principle of Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy and culture in general dating from the third century BCE or even earlier. This principle is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example female-male, dark-light and old-young." ( Googled that )  This is evidence to me that at least three hundred years before the common era man was aware of this. It hasn't changed any since then and ain't likely to change anytime soon. Deal with it.