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Sunday, January 22, 2017

an " app " for living

 I'm thinking we need to develop a new " app. " I think that is what they call them anyway, short for application. This application would consist of a series of questions. You answer all the questions stating your opinions. Following an extensive evaluation of your personality profile you would then be matched with the appropriate social media. In that way no one gets offended. We can all just get on our personally tailored site and tell each other how much we love puppies, hate cancer and our political and religious belief, or lack of them. There would be no dissenters ! If we hate a particular person for their opinions we can just vilify them all day long. Have a regular hate fest ! And the best part is we can do that unencumbered by any inconvenient facts.
 We could expand this " app " and be required to wear a pin or ribbon to signify just what category we belong too. In that way we could avoid any social interaction with those of another " ribbon " or " pin. " We can have " safe zones " for each grouping just in case you feel stressed. Just duck in there and you be will reassured that you are a valuable member of society and given a participation award for bravery. You could even stay at home and receive support from the government. Well, if those mean people out there in the streets, the ones without a ribbon or a pin should cause anxiety what else can you do ? You could organize a mass shouting !  That'll get things done alright ! And the best part is we will safe in doing so. Maybe we can get a few celebrities to curse into the microphone because, you know, using four letter words adds so much credibility to their statements. Only celebrities are allowed to speak individually, private citizens must always be in a shouting crowd. If you aren't a celebrity you are obviously stupid or just plain ignorant. Well, unless you have a degree in liberal arts, then you are a activist ! Unemployed and marginalized but an activist. If you are a really good one you can become a millionaire just by keeping the pot stirred up ! It's a pretty sweet gig.
 If I sound a bit disgusted it is because I am. All I hear is a bunch of shouting. I keep hearing the same obvious statements made over and over. I'm not hearing anyone offer any suggestions or compromise. All I hear is the stating of extreme examples. The sky is falling, the sky is falling ! Have that many folks not read the story of Chicken Little ? All this clamor and chaos for what ? The stating of the obvious ? A collective temper tantrum because certain groups didn't get there way. And what is the big threat ? Accountability. That is the whole thing in a nutshell. A large portion of our society no longer accepting accountability or responsibility. That is a rather obvious statement in itself.
 Rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people. Rights are not whatever you want to do. There does seem to be some confusion in that regard, Take this pro-choice idea for instance. Many women feel that is a right. Those same women would admit that murder is wrong. Why ? Because it isn't life before birth ? But what is birth ? Birth is bringing life into the world. So it logically follows that life must exist before birth, how else could it be brought into the world.              
 Societies are formed and establish certain " rights " within that society. Sometimes we call that ideology. It is ideology that changes through debate and discussion, not rights. The founding fathers stated that quite nicely with, " we hold these truths to be self evident." Note life was included in that. A society, a nation, does require fundamental formatives rules ! That is what we should be arguing about ! What is being allowed ?  Ideology is what forms a nation. Are we to adopt an ideology of each citizens defines their own " rights ? " In other words it is my right to do whatever I want ? That isn't government, that is anarchy. And that begins when the people abuse their rights ! Each citizen must be held accountable for their choices within the society. It is the choices you make that define your destiny !