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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Buckle up

   I've started several blogs this morning and deleted them. I do self censure myself. When I read them back to myself and discover they really say little I think of as constructive. I realize that you all may disagree with that assessment but I am the editor. I found that I am just angry this morning. Those blogs I started to compose where filled with anger and a degree of resentment. The problem lies in I am not sure where to direct that anger and resentment. The truth is it would accomplish little if I did. I may garner a few folks that will leave comments about how they agree with me. I do not write my blogs to receive platitudes. Yes, I like it when folks agree with me, of course I do, but that is not the purpose of these writings and ramblings. If I wanted that I could just write about puppies, hating cancer and I love Jesus. That would be easy enough but not constructive. No I write to discuss, even when I'm only talking to myself.
 I find that I am angry this morning. I'm angry that the more things change the more they seem to remain the same. I just don't see any progress being made. The last eight years I have seen no progress. Donald Trump is now the president and all I see is opposition. I didn't vote for him but he is driving the ship so to speak. Opposing him and his administration is like hoping the ship hits an iceberg ! Then I can scream, I told you so as I'm drowning. Wouldn't it be wiser to be building lifeboats ! Just my opinion. I'm angry at those operating in the extremes. And that is from both sides of the fence. I fear the more one side riots, the stronger the response will be. Like it or not this administration is not likely to just fold and go home. The days of " getting your way " by screaming a bunch of catch phrases and rioting are coming to an end. The very fact that Donald J Trump won the election should be proof enough of that. The people have just had enough of this ! I, along with a lot of other folks didn't believe Trump would win. He did ! Regardless of any complaining and whining he won ! I admit I was surprised and a bit taken aback. I didn't think we were that desperate for change. Obviously we are.
 Yes, I'm angry and disappointed. I'm disappointed in my fellow Americans that behave the way they do. We are supposed to be an example of freedom and democracy but what are some showing the world ? They are disgracing everything our fathers and mothers worked for. They are a disgrace to that legacy. I'm not saying they should be out waving the flag but they certainly shouldn't be rioting in the streets ! Just what can be accomplished in that fashion ? Do these people believe that Trump will just resign and Hillary gets the Presidency ? To what end ?
 You know many " old " folk are described as being angry. It is something I have noticed myself. They may be described in a number of different ways like, contrary, cantankerous, bitter, caustic or resentful. Fact is they are angry and I'm thinking I'm beginning to understand why. It is frustration that causes that anger. You spend a lifetime learning about life. You try to tell others what you have learned to only have it dismissed. It happens generation after generation. It is a frustration. I do try to vent that frustration with these writings. I don't want to be an angry old man. Anger is a strong motivator however and perhaps that is what has been missing. The people have contained their anger long enough. They have finally spoken out. Anger can lead to violence and that troubles me. I just pray that folks calm down a bit. Thing is I don't see that happening any time soon. It's gonna be a rocky road my friends, buckle up.