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Monday, January 23, 2017

an unclear message

 I have been trying to grasp the purpose of that Woman's march on Washington and indeed around the world. For those marching in certain foreign lands it is quite simple and direct. Woman are treated with a degree of " legal " inequity. I sympathize with the cause. It is the women here in America that leave me a bit puzzled. Almost every " right " they were marching for they already have. Those inequities were fought for and achieved by previous generations. Not being a legal scholar can someone please tell me a single piece of legislation that restricts a woman rights ? Now, don't get that confused with what a woman or anyone else for that matter,  may want, that is a separate thing. The last I knew women had the same legal protections as men. Take this supposed " right " to choose. Does a man have a right to " choose ? " No, because we would call that murder. The point being it is not a right, but a choice. Simple enough to understand right ? So it is legalized murder, by virtue of being female, that you are marching for ? Men can't do that though. Hmm, seems a bit of inequity  exists in that legislation. You could make the argument that is already exists. That, however is an inconvenient truth. Can I demand a woman get an abortion ? No, that's not my choice is it ? She however can choose to do as she pleases.
 Now as near as I have been able to discern this march was really about being offended. The ladies are upset by the new President. For a reason I just can't seem to get a handle on they believe he is going to take away women's rights. Why ? Because of some crude remarks he made twenty years ago ? Yes you ladies have a right to be offended by that, justifiably so, but in case you are under some delusion the same or worse is said every day. Fact is, I have overheard the ladies saying much the same. I hear about pay inequality from some. Has a single woman in this country ever been forced to accept a job at a reduced pay ? The answer is no. Have women stayed employed because they felt like they needed the job ? Yes, they have, same as a man. I believe there are enough females CEO's and the likes to dispel any myth that women can not climb the corporate ladder. Is it easy ? Nope, isn't easy for a man either.
 And so as near as I can tell the women's march on Washington was a protest about the rights they already have. A protest because I'm offended and nervous. And the response was to what ? Put on a hat that signifies a " lady part " and shout in the streets for the rights I already have. And their " spokespeople " oh how the exemplified the righteous cause. Their speeches couldn't be broadcast on public media due to the language. The case certainly wasn't made by those displays.
 Now I'm not saying it was a protest of screaming hysterical women, although it certainly looked that way on television. I do understand that makes for good television and even better ratings. I'm as equally certain many ladies went there with good intentions. The question I have is, what was the intent ? What " legal " right was being fought for ? Or was this just a protest against life and gender ? Are you ladies mad because you are women ? Or is it that you want to be treated like a man ? Seriously I am a bit confused about the nature of the issue ? As I often write and say, MORALITY CAN NOT BE LEGISLATED. You can march, protest, make impassioned speeches all you want but you can not legislate moral behaviors. The best you can hope for is punitive actions after an offense has taken place. And isn't that what the " protest " was really about ? I don't believe any rational woman in the United States of America believes that Trump and his administration are going to remove anyone's rights. That is just ridiculous.
 I keep reading and waiting for some logical explanation. The only conclusion I can arrive at is it was a march of anger and disappointment. What proposed legislation was being championed ? Human rights ? I did see some signs saying that women are human too. Yes, has anyone said otherwise ? When a man is called a name, bullied, or touched inappropriately is that a violation of human rights ? Once again I repeat you can not legislate morality. You can only provide for punitive actions following the infraction. Sorry ladies I'm quite certain many of you felt like you were participating in a historic movement of some type. You have that right. All I saw was a giant temper tantrum ! I heard no constructive argument for any change in legislation. And the reason is quite simple, you already have those rights ! Want to champion some women and their treatment ? Look to those foreign nations and work towards getting those ladies the same rights you already enjoy right here in the good ole USA. Then you will have accomplished something besides crying about your disappointment in the current election. Channel your anger and indignation into something useful.