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Thursday, January 5, 2017

being cool

 They reported in the news yesterday that a protest group was going to hand out joints at Trumps inauguration. Apparently the intent is to have everybody light up at the same time, thus avoiding arrest. In DC it is legal to posses a small amount but you can't smoke it in public. Another bunch of stupid legislation no matter which side of that debate you fall on. To way of thinking it is either allowed or not. But this blog isn't about that discussion. Listening to it on the news I was reminded of my experience in the Navy. You see I joined in 1971 when there was no " tolerance " for such things. Fact is, I had heard of it while in high school but had never actually seen it. I heard the " cool " kids talking about it and saying they were getting stoned. It is still my belief it was more talk than anything else. At any rate I really didn't know a thing.
 Well after graduating from basic training I was attending an occupational training school. The Navy calls it " A " school, as in class A. My " room " was shared with three other men. It wasn't really a room as it only had three walls so it was a cubicle. That was before cubicles were a thing. There was two sets of bunk beds and four lockers in there. The locker opened to form a desk. That was about all there was. So, I got assigned a top bunk and began my studies with complete strangers. I didn't know any of these guys. I remember the one guy being a bit strange. He dressed like Sherlock Holmes when not in uniform and smoked a pipe. I know he asked me if I was cool. I said something to the effect of , sure, I guess so. Those barracks weren't the warmest places in the world and it was Feb in Michigan. Yeah, it was cool and so was I.
 Once I woke up in the middle of the night because of this funny smell. I looked over and there was three people standing around the trash can. They were smoking a cigarette, passing it one to the other. I lay there thinking, is a blanket on fire ? But then I said, hey guys you don't have to share one cigarette, I've got a whole pack. They turned their heads quickly and stared at me like deer in the headlights ! My roommate Sherlock, as I secretly called him, just said thanks but they were cool. He then told the others not to worry that I was cool too. It was at that point I realized what was happening. OMG made me nervous. What if they got caught I would be in trouble too. I wasn't too happy about that prospect and promptly left the cubicle. I waited around a while in the television lounge and then went back to bed. I didn't know what to do. I really didn't want to tell on them, I had heard what happens to narcs ! I might be from Bonac bub but I knew the deal.
 Now my best friend Richy was going to his school at this time. We had joined together and so where at the same base. His barracks was a different building. I went to see him the next day after school and told him all about it. We had quite the discussion trying to decide what to do. Why that bunch in my room could be some kind of drug cartel for all we knew ! We decided it would be best to say nothing. So I stayed quiet. Occasionally Shertlock would ask me if I wanted to smoke with him. I always said, no thanks, I'm cool. As far as I know they never smoked pot in my cubicle again. At least I never saw it. I graduated from the school without incident. I was assigned to the USS Pawcatuck AO-108 out of Mayport, Fla. I checked onboard and the very first night I was there I was asked, are you cool ? I knew it was going to be a long hitch in this Navy, yeah I'm cool.
 And now I laugh as I listen to the news about those protestors handing out joints. Funny thing is it is legal as long as it isn't being sold, the person receiving it is 21 and you don't smoke it in public. I wonder how many are going to be cool with that ? Is it a protest ? They are saying it is when they light up. I say you're just breaking the law. Depends on how you want to look at it I suppose. So after all these years, about 46 of them, the question is still, are you cool ? Now I know the answer, nope, I'm not cool at all.