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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Who are the people

 If you want to get a little upset look this up. What happens if one of the presidential candidates drops out of the race before election day ? I just did and am left scratching my head. I understood what I was reading and that bothered me. Turns out, the party elite get to pick whomever they want. That's right, no input from the general populace required. The effected party just holds a sort of mini-convention, except there are no delegates there, and pick someone. That person then receives the votes from the electoral college. If voting has already begun, and early voting has in some states, those votes go to the new candidate. So in theory anyway, you could cast your vote for Hillary or Donald and wind up casting your ballot for an entirely different person ! That doesn't seem quite right but that is the procedure in place. It does lend credence to the concept that the decisions are really made by a select few party members, your vote doesn't really matter. In this scenario your vote will only count toward the party, unless you voted early or absentee.
 This is nothing new though and has always been so. It has never happened and by all accounts would be quite the mess. The party leaders would be under tremendous pressure. I'm certain if the general public where to become fully aware of what was happening there would be protests ! I'm pretty certain I would be quite riled up depending upon who they choose. Imagine, if you will , the possibilities. There are no restrictions on who they can pick as long as they are otherwise eligible. No experience required, just like Trump ! Perhaps the party would choose the individual they feel they are most able to control. I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about it. Will the party leaders pick a new candidate without bias ? That is to say, the one they feel would do the most for America ? Could be they would just pick a person to further the agenda of their party ! Not that that isn't what occurs right now but it would certainly be more obvious to casual voter.
 I am not one for conspiracy theories. Political machinations I believe take place every single day, on every level of government. Government is, after all, just people. People are prone to improve their positions. Oaths are taken and oaths are violated. I do believe the majority of people in government do so with the best of intentions. It is only after getting involved and trying to find a path that they may stray. For some power becomes addictive. For others it is wealth and status. Some will justify their actions as being necessary for the greater good. Some will fool themselves into believing that they will not get caught. They begin to believe in the power of the " deal. " Looking closely at the present candidates does make one wonder. Could this scenario happen this election cycle ? Hillary has " pneumonia " and Trump may " drop " as part of some deal. Conspiracy ? No, I don't really think so but being a real outsider I wouldn't know. The truth is the majority of the public has little idea about what is actually taking place. They really don't teach that in high school " government " class. The " elites " decided years ago it was best to allow the people to believe that there vote is actually counted. It is, but only toward the party, not the candidate. All is not as it appears.
 I'll still be casting my ballot. It is all we have and I will take advantage of that. In many countries you don't even get that much. You know, you may not like the rules but that is way the game is played. We all need to understand that. I still believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those founding documents should not be changed. They have served us well for over two hundred years. What we should review and possibly change, lies in the administration of law. Especially so in the election process. Modern technology can enable certain things that was not possible fifty or a hundred years ago. That same technology can be employed for bad intent as well. All this early voting and absentee balloting, is it really necessary in today electronic age ? What is most troubling to me is this one question, are the wheels falling off ? Have we legislated ourselves out of a Republic ? Is the government we currently practice in fact, by the people ? Truth is, for the DNC it is about 350 delegates and for the RNC about 125 delegates. The potential exists for them alone to decide the president. Are they the people ?