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Sunday, September 18, 2016

daily event

 This morning I have to take my grandson to his soccer game. He is on what they call the travel team so it involves, you guessed it, traveling. Today it is about an hour drive from Greensboro. Fortunately my wife has the map lady in her phone so we will have no trouble locating the field. This will be the end to a week of chasing after the grandkids. I don't know how their Mom and Dad do it all the time, it is exhausting. Yes, there are only two of them, grandchildren that is,  I can't imagine what it must have been like for larger families. I suppose the older cared for the younger, but the problem there is all the kids are " younger " to the parents. Well I do think we travel farther and attend far more activities than they did in the past. I know it is a lot more than I did growing up. A journey of twenty five miles from home was just that, a journey ! I was sixteen or so before I went any farther away from home than that. I knew lots of folks that hadn't been that far in their life.
 My son and his wife will return from Punta Cana tomorrow and back to the real world. It will be a let down I'm certain. Greensboro isn't near as an exciting place as what they have been enjoying. Well, that is what vacations are for, to escape from the real world for a while, and I'm glad they get the opportunity to do that. Tuesday I leave for Florida. I'm going down there for a week to visit with my sister and Mom. I have some family business that needs attending too as well. Mom is getting on, as the saying goes, she is 87 and could use a little help. Her husband, Joe is 97 and had to be placed in assisted living. It is a sad situation all the way around. It stinks getting old sometimes. especially when you have to parent your parent !  Not easy raising parents is it ? Karma bay. My wife will stay home and hold down the fort. We are planning another trip in the spring and she will accompany me then.
 So that is what is happening in Greensboro, Md. Not much to write about. It is a little cool this morning. This past week the town put those anti-slip mats at all the corners in the sidewalk. Must have gotten a grant to do that. I see those mats everywhere now, guess towns and such are trying to prevent law suits. Funny how that works isn't it ? You walk on a slippery sidewalk and fall. You sue the town because it is not your fault they should have made it not slippery ! Don't get me started. Maybe those funds could have been used to lower the taxes or water bills instead but that isn't what the allocation was for. Call me a skeptic but someone is making money off this deal. Just another example of the government taking care of us. After all, we shouldn't be held responsible for our own actions. First we had to slope the sidewalk down to the street because we tripped on the curb, then we slipped on the slope. So we install anti-slip mats. What is next ? That sidewalk is pretty hard shouldn't they be of a more cushiony material ? Maybe like the playgrounds are nowadays. You know, just in case I do fall.
 So, it is off to the soccer game, Enjoy your day. I will do my best to do the same.