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Just Me
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 I am late starting to write this blog. It is because we are watching the grandkids. Got them on the school bus and made it back to my house. My son has a beautiful house, but it ain't home. Don't know how to get the channel I want on the television and the Wi-Fi is secured ! What's up with that ? Could have left me the password on the refrigerator. Well it'll be alright. It is definitely a change in routine. Isn't it strange how the older we get we more we need to plan ahead ? I mean, we have less time so I guess that is why we need to schedule it more wisely. All this last minute stuff just unnerves me anymore.
 I only spent one day at their house and already feel like I've been away. I had to sleep in a strange bed. When I came in my door I let out a sigh of relief, I'm home. It was less than 14 hours but seemed a lot longer. There really is no place like home. We will catch our breath, so to speak, and start again when they get off the school bus. Well, I have to pick Mark up after practice and take him to another place to referee a soccer game, so he won't be on the bus. His sister will need to get to dance class too. Good thing they left the mini-van ! I'm a soccer/dance grandpa! Yeah, I'm cool like that.
 As I write this I realize it is only Tuesday. Man, Monday lasted a long time. Kevin and Maria won't be back till next Monday ! I expect we'll be in the groove by then. It does take a little longer to shift gears when you get past sixty, just like with a car. The horsepower just isn't there and you need an oil change. We have of plenty of things to do. Grass needs cutting and other chores. The weather is supposed to get hot again. Have to plan around that as best as I can too. Who knew life could be so busy ? Ah, but that is kids for you. Keep you young ,or at least on the run. Truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am feeling a little frazzled right now but we'll get those loose ends tied up soon enough. A few hours at home will refresh me, and my Facebook fix !