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Monday, September 19, 2016

Choosing a hat

 A story that has always stuck with me is The Emperors new clothes. For some reason that particular tale just resonates with me. Perhaps the image of a man walking around naked and unaware amuses me. It did remind me of some folks I have known. I'm certain you have known a few as well. Those folks that just don't know how ridiculous or foolish they appear to others. Not that we all don't fall into that category a time or two, I certainly have, but I mean those that haven't a clue. Eccentric they are sometimes called, if they have means to support themselves, just nuts if they don't. In the case of the Emperor he was just straight up duped ! The moral to the story is you should just speak up if you know the truth. Don't just go along with the crowd out of fear. I have tried my best over the years to do just that as pleasantly as possible. I am a firm believer in a gentle whisper accomplishes more than a scream. Of course that only works with those that value your opinion. Really, they are the only ones you should concern yourself with, but I feel a certain social obligation to inform. That is what I call it anyway, you may have a different term for it.
 Another tale I have always admired is Clothes make the man. The story does point out an interesting thing about the nature of man, and I mean women too. It has been scientifically proven to be fact, what we wear does alter the perception others have of us. It may or may not affect our own actions, although in the story it does, but there is no doubt about what others see. It is a funny thing when you consider it. I have been wearing a ball cap style hat for many years now. I can't say exactly when I began to form that habit. I did wear an engineers caps for a while when I was 17 or so. I also went through a period of wearing a cowboy hat. Anyway, for at least the last thirty years I have been wearing a ball cap. Everyone that knows me expects that. I recently decided to purchase a newsboy cap, sometimes called a flat cap. I began wearing that and the reaction was immediate. My granddaughter said I looked like a poet or a hippie ! She didn't like it. Others have commented about it so I know they noticed. This was in combination with a new style of glasses I just purchased as well. I guess the combination threw some for a loop. My son, laughed ! He thought perhaps I was just trying to be funny. Following that I also bought another style cap, similar to a Greek fisherman's hat without all the fancy trim. I rather like it with its' small brim. That too was met with criticism. No matter, I like them both and will continue to wear them. The people that know me haven't changed their ways but I have noticed more strangers greet me with, sir. A perception on their part perhaps ? The old ball cap says one thing, and these other caps say another ?
 It is something I have noticed. Maybe it has something to do with being retired as well. I wear basically the same clothes as I did when working, with a few minor changes. I wear regular loafer style shoes now, instead of work boots or athletic shoes. I don't know if you would call that more formal, but a change. I certainly don't look as disheveled or in a hurry anymore. That air can be sensed I'm certain of that. I find myself more relaxed, self assured you could say. New clothes, clothes make the man and self image. All are related I believe. We do change our styles as we age or " mature " if you prefer that term. I find myself embracing this new look, this new style. Could be I have been wearing the wrong hat all along. Who knew ? Maybe I should have been listening more closely. That is another saying I have heard a lot throughout the years, changing your hat. I think I have a far better understanding of just what that is now. Now I'll have to think about that for a while. Just what hat should I be wearing ? The answer is simple , the one I am most comfortable in. I didn't need much time to arrive at that conclusion. Sometimes the simplest things involve the most complicated thoughts. What kind of hat, should you wear ?