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Friday, September 16, 2016

Purity of belief

 I have definitely gotten out of the rhythm of writing in the morning. I can't seem to organize my thoughts. Usually when I get up and have that first cup of coffee my mind is in gear. There is some topic I will begin to write about. It seems as the day goes on I get less organized. Then I have too many topics to discuss. Next week I'm going to Florida to visit my Mom and sister. I'm certain I will not be writing then. That will be a big change as I rarely go a day without posting something. Maybe it is time for a break. Only thing about breaks are, you may not get back to doing what you were doing. Breaks turn into separation ! I'll just have to wait and see.
 I was asked an interesting question yesterday. This question concerned the " purity " of countries in regard to the populations nationality. That is to say, used to be in Italy you would find Italians and in Spain , Spaniards and so forth. Today with an ever moving population that isn't as true. You find anyone, anywhere. As far as America goes, we started out as mainly British folks or at least Europeans. It was the Muslim traders that sold the Africans to these Europeans to cultivate the new lands in what would become America. The East traded with the West, but their cultures remained pretty much independent of each other. Money and profits are the usual impetus for folks to mingle. Yes, there was much fighting over land and conquest took place. The Muslims came as far as modern day France at one point. They carried their conquest into Africa too.
 Now the Europeans mixed and mingled throughout history. Their disputes were over land. Money and power. That was the ordinary course of events for them. The recent telling of history has the Europeans first coming into contact with the Muslims in the crusades. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Prior to that, the Christians / Jews had suffered through fourteen hundred years of Muslim aggression. They too wanted land, money and power. They did have one major difference in their agenda. Whoever they conquered had to submit to their religion, pay a tax, or just get killed. The Muslims were and still are Imperialistic in nature.
 But you say, what has this to do with nationality. Well it is really quite a simple thing. The Europeans were almost exclusively Christians and Jews. They share a common God, only differing in their methods of worship. Sure they competed against each other, but commerce was unaffected for the most part. They did share common lands. More importantly perhaps is their beliefs teach them to be peaceful, compassionate and tolerant. That didn't and still doesn't happen all the time They do have a common enemy in the Muslims. Remember the Muslims conquered Jerusalem and claimed the Temple Mount as their own, most Holy site. Yes, it was recaptured and remains in Jewish control to this day. The Arabs still aren't happy about that ! Thus they desire to conquer Israel. So, getting to my thoughts about Nationality, that isn't as important as belief.
 In America the great divide has been between black and white. The Africans were sold into slavery by the Muslims to the Europeans. It was just business. Not very Christian business, but commonplace enough to be accepted. Much in the same way certain practices are accepted today that would have gotten you killed in the past. Doesn't justify the practice. In what can only be considered a bit of irony the Blacks in this country began converting to Islam. They claim it is an African religion. Not so, it was imposed upon the Africans by the conquering Muslims. Those sold by the Muslims to the Europeans were  " converted " to Christianity. Over time the American Blacks began converting to Islam ! The very people that sold them into slavery in the first place ! This conversion has only served to spread the divide in America between black and white.
 My observation is that people will readily change nations. If another country offers more they will abandon the homeland. They may or may not retain their national identity. That seems to be a predominant thing right now, this claiming of national identity while living in America. I live in America but I am a ( fill-in the blank ) American. So I don't believe there ever was a " purity " to a nation. What there is however, is a purity of belief. Folks will immigrate and bring their beliefs with them. When their belief meets opposition from the native belief, troubles arise. The Christians and Jews have been trying to figure it out for over two thousand years and we share common beliefs ! Then about 1400 years ago Islam was created. This belief system incorporated an ideology . An ideology in direct opposition to the teachings of the Judeo-Christian belief.
 To me that is the thing. You can not remove belief from the people. There are those that advocate for that today. The atheists and others trying to convince everyone else there is nothing to believe in.  Man has always believed and will continue in that practice. For me there is a simple explanation for that, it is the truth. The truth of God can not be denied. The name may change, but not the belief. Men go to war for their beliefs, not necessarily for their nation. There are those that will risk their lives for monetary gain but they are few in number. You also can not count of their allegiance. Convince a man it is for his God, his belief and he will fight !
 Purity of belief is what is of importance here. As long as people firmly believe they will not relent. Was there ever a purity of nationality ? No, I don't think so. There are three major religions in the world. Three belief systems. Two are closely related in their core beliefs and do not contain an ideology. The third incorporates the ideology of an imperialist state. And it is that third belief system that creates the great divide. At least that is my thinking on this. I could say a lot more but does it matter ? No, I can not change your belief any more than you can change mine. It is an impasse.