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Saturday, September 3, 2016


 What is the importance of the future and why do we worry about it ? Can we change the future ? I don't see how you can change what hasn't happened. Whatever will happen was certainly influenced by today, but that isn't changing it is it ? It is what was meant to be. And so that leaves us with a question of priorities. What should we concern ourselves with more, today or tomorrow ? Tomorrow is most certainly the future.
 The obvious answer is today. Concern yourself with today and the challenges it offers you. You can plan for tomorrow, nothing wrong with that, it is the only prudent thing to do. Still your priority should be today. But what happens when tomorrow brings disappointment ? When tomorrow isn't as we wanted it to be. We become discouraged. What is discouragement ? It is the lack of courage to try again. You are not a failure until you start to blame someone else ! That is the root of it. As long as you are willing to try, you can not fail. That is the fabric of hope, that willingness to continue.
 Why should we expect or plan for tomorrow being better ? Better than what ? Today ? And why is that ? What is wrong with today ? Today is the day we planned for yesterday. If we are not happy with that, perhaps we should change what we do today to avoid that happening tomorrow. Tomorrow will be too late and we may become discouraged. First however you have to try. Are you doing today what is necessary for your happiness tomorrow ? That is the determining factor in all of this isn't it , happiness ? What makes you happy ? Is it the things you already have, or the acquisition of more ? Is happiness a selfish thing ? There are many times we think so. We label that responsibility. It is our responsibilities that influence the state of our happiness. If we do what makes us happy we may displease or disappoint others, isn't that true ? So where is the balancing point ? Do I find my happiness in doing for others, or in doing for myself ? That is the choice of saints. The saint chooses to do almost exclusively for others while the rest of us find a balance somewhere else.
 The question remains, what is the importance of the future ? The future is only important to those living in it. We worry about making it better than today, from our own perspective. Will that future be better for those we worry about ? Isn't that for them to decide ? The reality is it is up to each of us to decide, one day at a time. Should we awaken to find we are not happy, change something today to make tomorrow better. Be concerned with the present. My Grandmother always told me, do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow takes care of itself. It was years before I realized that quote comes from the Bible. I consider that an excellent source for advice. And that leads me to another favorite Bible verse. Today is the day the lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Being happy today eases the burdens of tomorrow. That is my take on it anyway. It is not always easy but you have to keep trying. The only person keeping you from happiness is yourself. How much and how often is the struggle.