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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hoping for failure

 Fifteen years ago I was at work when I got a phone call on this fairly new device, a cell phone. It was my wife telling me two airplanes had crashed into the twin towers. I couldn't believe it and said I'll be home to check the news at noon. Rumor and talk circulated around that the rest of the morning. We had no television and there was no smart phones then to show any images. I did come home for lunch, saw the news and just couldn't believe it. I went back to work, we all did, and finished that day.
 Following that I learned of the other planes that day. The attack on the pentagon and the plane the passengers managed to take down. All the pictures and tales of tragedy. So many lives lost and for what ? We were told it was a terrorist attack on America. It was the Muslims ! Yes, that is what we were told and no one was being " sensitive " about that. There was even a small incident right here in Greensboro, Md. A man walked into the convenience store and punched the operator right in the face ! Was this guy a Muslim ? I don't know, still don't know. Was that right ? Of course not, but that is the level of anger that was being felt. And we continued to hear about these Muslims and the religion of Islam. I didn't know much about any of that, just the basics, and I began to read.
 Here it is fifteen years on and now I hear about this " Religion of Peace " that has just a few bad eggs. I hear about forgiveness and inclusiveness. I read of these folks building their Mosques throughout my country and seeking refuge from their own countries. I am led to show compassion for them, it wasn't their fault. A lot has changed over the years and a lot has stayed the same. I have not forgotten about those attacks. I have not forgotten the lives lost. I have not forgotten who launched the attacks. I will never forget.
 Now I hear the Muslims saying they believe in only portions of their texts. I've read a great deal of their Koran and what it says. Their " prophet " doesn't say, live and let live, he says, live our way or die. Oh, the " prophet " does say to take advantage of the infidels in every way you can. Try to convince them to follow Islam. Take money, land, and their women if you can. Enslave the infidels ! But now I hear their " leaders " saying we really don't practice that part of the prophets teaching anymore. I am expected to believe that, I am expected to welcome them to my land. The real truth is it is more than a religion , it is an ideology. I can not and will never accept that ideology.
 All that being said, today is a day to remember. For me it is a day to remember the why of it. We should never forget that. I will remain forever suspicious of these Muslims. I understand that not all Muslims wish to harm Americans. Well, that is not exactly the truth of it. If they truly believe their " Prophet " it is their duty to do just that. The " good " ones, from my perspective will fall short of that. Just as Christians and Jews fall short of the mark set to them by God and Jesus. The teachings of the Bible. I am being told, by these very Muslims professing belief in Mohamed, that they won't really do what he instructs. A very strange religion indeed, one which you are not supposed to aspire to fulfill ?
 I am instructed by my religion to forgive. It is my goal to follow those instructions as closely as possible. There are no areas of the Bible that I should ignore. No where does my text tell me to attack anyone. This nation, a Christian nation, very foundation is based on that premise. We will allow you to come into our country, accept you and treat you in the Christian tradition. You are allowed to build your Mosques. We even allow the practice of the very " ideology ", masquerading as a religion, to take place and embrace those doing so. It is a very difficult thing to do. The practice of any religion is a difficult thing. I can't help but think, I sure hope these Muslims fail in their attempt !