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Just Me
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Monday, September 12, 2016


 I'll be parenting this week as my son and his wife vacation in Punta Cana. Maria is a representative for those 31 products and earned this trip. I believe this is her fourth year in a row for that. All expenses paid for 7 days. The wife and I will hold down the fort and watch those two teenagers we call our grandchildren. It will be a full week, of that I am certain. There is school, soccer and dance to deal with. The kids are going opposite directions most of the time. Brother and sister, teenagers, and they bicker at each other like an old married couple ! Meanwhile Grandma and Grandpa are stressing out ! Did I mention there are two dogs and a cat in this mix ? Oh, it is going to be different alright.
 This is also the time for making more memories. We will get a chance to share some time.There will be home cooked meals and the routine is different. That applies to all of us. That is what forms those memories, something different. Most of the time some small incident will take place and become a memory. You never know what it will be. That is why the memory is made, it's new. Memories are new stuff turned old. How many times will we hear, but Mom and Dad let us, and our response will be, we are not your Mom and Dad ! LOL Yay, new parents for a week.
 Seriously I expect it will be a busy week for us old folks. A lot of running around to do. The kids will be wonderful. They really are good kids, just best to keep them separated. The difficulty will be the change in environment for us. We will been spending the majority of the time at their house. And you know the problem, it is not home. We seniors much prefer being in our own environs. We know where everything is and how everything works. It'll take two days to figure out how to turn on their television ! They have that remote control you can speak into; tried it and it doesn't understand a thing I say ! And her coffee pot is one of those Keurig contraptions ! I'll be bringing the percolator along. And there is the animals. Now don't get me wrong I like animals as much as the next person just not used to having them around. We have a bird, sits in his cage and makes a bunch of noise sometimes, but other than that, nice. They have a younger dog named Ollie who is often referred to as the monster. For good cause I might add, he is full of energy. The other dog is old and quite feeble. She is almost blind and has difficulty getting around. When she drinks water, you had best pick her up and get her outside immediately afterward, she suffers from incontinence as well. The cat is the cat. Like all cats she remains aloof most of the time and is no bother. There are other times when she will pounce on you ! As I said, a cat ! Then you have to deal with the hair ! Dog hair, cat hair and it gets on everything. When you are not used to that it is annoying. Could be I'm just a little jealous of all that hair but that is a different subject altogether.
 Yes this week will be different. A change of pace as the saying goes. My grandson gave my wife a wall plaque that says, kids keep you young, but first they make you old. There is truth in those words. Parenting once again, even for just a week will be like the fountain of youth. The kids will keep us young, we're already old. It will definitely cut into my Facebook time. My days will now be spent being the parent. That includes cutting the grass and the yard work ! I have to say, the last parents appear to have been a bit lax in that regard. Well, we have the experience and the know how to get it all done. Just like old times. Looking forward to a few Walton moments. Good night Mark, goodnight Morgan, Goodnight Grandma, Goodnight Grandpa. Generation caring for generation, they way it should be.