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Just Me
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

What comes around

 Yesterday I saw the green shoots of the daffodil reaching for the sun. The bud was evident on its' tip straining to break through. The wind was icy and it was snowing. What a contrast the two made. The flower the promise of spring and the wind howling, not yet. I was inspired by that lone patch of daffodils. I began making plans for the warm weather to come, I could taste barbecue. Funny how our senses work and sometimes trick us. That little bunch of green stems snuggled at the base of an old oak catching the morning sun acting as heralds. Can the robin be far behind ? Soon we will see that red breasted bird out from the wood, head turned and listening. The worms beneath will be awakening with the warming of the soil and stirring about. They too will rise to meet the sun.
 Spring, renewal and rebirth. The beginning of a cycle, a cycle unbroken over the eons. Time to awaken from the solitude of winter and go forth into the world once again. To be out of doors and in the sunshine. To breathe the fresh air and feel the moist ground beneath your feet. I expect man began his journeys in the spring, to explore new lands. In ancient times man did live closer to the earth and its' cycles of change. Spring was the time to begin. In some ways we have become disconnected from that. Our food doesn't follow the change of seasons as it did in the past. Through the long winter we had been eating root vegetables stored in the cellar.  Stews, soups and salted meats would have been the main fare. But in the spring those fresh shoots of green onions would appear in the fields, we called them spring onions, and they were welcomed. They added flavor to the blandness of our winter diets. With the greening of the grass fruits were promised, and berries. Fish could be caught on warm spring days and throughout the summer. And sitting in the coolness of a shade tree of a hot afternoon can't be beat. Ah spring, with its' opportunities for growth. Each spring a new chance, a new beginning. Each spring is new life.
 Seeing that daffodil brought a smile to my face. It was a confirmation that all is well in the world. It will be alright. While the machinations of man complicate life unnecessarily, it is a comfort to know my God has got it under control. Spring is on its' way. That small clump of daffodils pushing up through the ground are an inspiration. They grow and prosper, unaided by man in any way, at the base of an oak. What strength and resilience they display. One of Gods examples. Trust and perseverance is all that is required. Patience too. The spring will come around and bring new chances for growth. Stretch your arms and reach for it.