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Monday, February 29, 2016

The stoic view of things

 There is an old saying, wearing your heart on your sleeve. It is reference to those people that openly display their emotions. I believe it has become a modern fashion to do so. The proliferation of ribbons is evidence of that. We also see " rainbows " everywhere in support of that lifestyle(s) choice. Window stickers have replaced bumper stickers to show how much you love or hate something. We even put window stickers " in memoriam " to our loved ones. We go to great lengths to state the obvious. On some level the tattoo craze is a sign of this as well. Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. Getting " inked " is proof positive that I support a certain thing. It is a statement. Some will choose symbolism while others will just spell it out.
 Now I'm not saying any of this is wrong, it is a choice. I am by nature a more stoic individual. That probably stems from my New England roots. New Englanders are known for there stoic natures. We are more; matter of fact. Growing up I wasn't even aware that a different philosophy existed. Well, we did but that philosophy was the city folks. City folks like to talk about everything, forever, and rail against life in general. They were always complaining about something. Those city folks philosophy involved the making of money more than anything else. And the others were just the wannabe outlaws. They got through life by being bullies and trying to make folks afraid of them. Tattoos was a way of doing that. Tattoos could only be had in dark seedy places or while you were in the service. You had to be of that character to get one. Tattoos remain a questionable choice in polite society. They are being more readily accepted, like long hair on men has been over the years.
 I write about this because I do wonder why this trend of wearing our hearts on our sleeves has become so popular. What is this need to advertise ? Is it to keep people from approaching or to draw them in ? Have we become so paranoid of our fellow man that we feel the need to state our allegiances before we even interact with one another ? Making a public display of private feelings is an alien thing to me.
 But this is not about tattoos and the decision to get one or a hundred. I'm just talking about publically displaying private feelings. Why the necessity to do so ? I see this on social media as well. All these " like " if you hate cancer postings. Just who would support cancer ? Don't scroll without typing Amen or you are ignoring God. I don't believe God is checking to see how many like he got on Facebook ! Post this or that in support of all these causes. Why the need to advertise your feelings for the obvious ? Does anyone support animal abuse ? Is it insecurity that drives this ? A confirmation that there thinking is correct ? Or is it just waving the flag and saying " see " I support good things, I am a good person.
 Well I just feel like we would all get along a lot better if we just kept our personal beliefs, personal. How about keeping private things, private. Might not be a bad idea. All of the vice and lifestyle choices we hear so much about today has always existed. It really is nothing new. In the past these things were kept private. Even when we knew or suspected a person may be contrary to what their public image was, we didn't say so. The stoic person is not unfeeling as is generally assumed. Drama just isn't not their forte. The stoic person responds in a controlled , well reasoned fashion. They  can be just as passionate as anyone else, they just don't openly express that enthusiasm.  I would add that drawing attention to yourself is easy enough. Gaining respect is a different action. It can not be gained by waving flags, ribbons or symbols. Respect is something given to another for just actions. Making declarations is of little value if you do not back that declaration up with action. Just what is your " constitution "  composed of ? The American society was one of stoic determination. I see a change in that and find it troubling. Now I see a lot of flag waving and complaining. We are becoming a society of whiners ! One more piece of advice, BUCK UP people ! Stepping off the soapbox. Thank You.