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Friday, February 12, 2016

LIsten closely

 Politics, even though we all know better is a topic best left alone. Still, working at the store many people bring up the subject. I generally just smile and agree. I try to remain noncommittal. I do not do that because I don't have opinions, I most certainly do, but I haven't the time or inclination to try to explain. It is my belief that many folks just don't understand how things work. There only hear what they want to hear and fail to consider the consequences. I have some experience to back up that statement, I was, at one time, a Navy recruiter. And no, I didn't lie to anyone to get them to join. The boys failed to hear the message and didn't consider the consequences of their decision. That is why when you are 17 you need Mom and Dads permission. They tend to listen more closely to what is being said. It is a psychological thing. We tend to hear what it is we want to hear. If you ask me, can I fly a jet in the Navy my response would be, yes, if you qualify you can fly a jet in the Navy. Most don't hear, if you qualify, in their mind they already have.
 A question I hear a lot these days is about Donald Trump. Many wonder how he can be so popular ?How does he get away with saying the things he does ? The answer is really a simple one. He is not a career politician. He can say and do as he wishes because it is not his career ! If he loses all that is lost is ego and pride. He has both in abundance, most think too much. The point is, his livelihood is not dependent upon his success or failure in this venture. To him, it is just a business proposal. He is no different than a lot of us non-politicians. Many of us believe we could do a better job running the country than the candidates being offered. Well there is one major difference, he is filthy rich ! He has the money to massage his own ego. Donald Trump, love him or hate is a master manipulator and master of self promotion. It is as simple as that. He says what a lot of Americans ae thinking. I don't believe that he speaks for the conscience of most Americans however. We often say and think things we don't really mean when we are angry. Feels good to say though ! Donald Trump, the angry patriot. Hard to see him that way isn't it ? I can't support him for a basic reason. The President of the United States is our representative to the world. It does require one trait that the Donald is sorely lacking, diplomacy. Nothing diplomatic about him. He is a bully, that is his primary tactic. I do entertain this idea. If we need someone to run the business of government, perhaps what we need is a businessman. Politicians like to talk about it, a businessman gets it done.
 I also hear a lot about Bernie Sanders. Feel the Bern. The self described Democratic Socialist. Most of his supporters can't define just what that is. Most can't explain what socialism is, let alone a new version called Democratic. Those folks still believe we live in a Democracy ! They are unaware of what form of government we have had for the last two and forty years ! Not that Bernie doesn't have some wonderful ideas. But I would say we all do when we are spending other peoples money ! Trust me I can tell you what to do with your money and it will be better than what you are currently doing. If my home doesn't look like yours and you feel it is decreasing the market value of yours, pay to fix mine up ! That will solve the problem nicely. This " redistribution " of wealth is nothing more than legalized robbery. It is " taxation with representation " that is what Democratic Socialism really is. To clarify, Socialism : any of various social systems based on shared or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods :  I, for one, am not willing to surrender my independence for free anything. And the whole concept of anything being free is just nonsense anyway. Raise my pay and tax me more is not making things free ! Taking from those that earn more and giving to those unwilling to work is not equitable. Margret Thatcher said it best, " The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money. " Yeah, feel the Bern. The only one getting burned is the American taxpayer in that scenario.
 But all of this is just in the way of explanation. These are my thoughts and my opinion. You are certainly entitled to yours. That is the beauty of this Republic. We do have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I don't have a right to take yours though. I also do not have to finance you. Each of us have a duty to government. We ARE the people ! We elect our representatives. That does not mean we then surrender all future decisions to those same representatives. We must remain involved and informed. The right to vote is an obligation as well. You owe it to your children, and your children's children. The preservation of the Republic is at hand with each election cycle. See you at the polls.
 I would leave you with this advice. Listen closely to what is being said. Don't become excited when hearing what you want to hear. Listen. Had some join the Navy and commit four years of their lives for what they " thought " they heard. What followed was disappointment and anger. More than that is at stake here, an entire Republic depends upon it. .