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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Trust me

 I find it interesting that the President and others refer to Muslim-Americans. I don't hear anything about Protestant-Americans, Catholic-Americans or Jewish-Americans. Are there no Buddhist-Americans ? Wonder why that is ? Could it be because no other religious group, and Muslim is a religion not a country or region, posses a threat to western society. Why would this " religion of peace " be singled out for a special classification " Muslim American ? " Think about that. We have African-Americans. They claim a national identity with Africa and African nations. Of course there are many other, Italians, Poles, Irish, and the list goes on. Only one is identified with a religion however. The reason is a simple one but misunderstood by many. It is because Muslim is more than a religious belief, it is a complete ideology. And furthermore it is stark contrast to our own. In fact it is in contrast to every other one in the world ! It is like oil and water. The two will not mix. One group will have to assimilate to the other. Changes will have to occur.
 Now I'm not saying that all Muslim-Americans are terrorists. I am not saying that all that identify themselves with that religion follow the teachings of that religion precisely. We all have our shortcomings. What I am saying is that it is the teachings of their Prophet that trouble the rest of us. I am amazed at the number of non-Muslims that are either completely ignorant of those teachings or refuse to acknowledge just what they say. I think it only prudent to inform yourself. I also think it prudent and wise to believe those that claim adherence to those same teachings. If I tell you I am a Christian, I would expect you to believe that I believe in Christ and his teachings. If I tell you I am a Muslim, I would expect you to believe that I believe what the prophet Mohamed taught. Only seems reasonable to me. This attitude of, they [sic] Muslims don't believe the bad stuff is just ridiculous. Either you believe the words of your Prophet or you don't.
 I do believe that anyone would be foolish to base any trust in the idea that Muslims only believe the good parts, as defined by opposing religions, of their own prophet. It would be the same thing as me telling a Muslim I only believe the portions of the Bible that Mohamed approves. Right, and the check is in the mail. In our eagerness to avoid any sign of conflict we are now going to invite the wolf into the fold. After all, the Muslim-American wolf says he is peaceful. We will ignore the actions of the rest of the wolves and label them as " extremists . " What makes them extreme ? They are following the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed ! If that is the criteria for being an extremist I would certainly hope I would be labeled a Christian extremist ! I believe everything that Jesus said to be true. I believe if I were to follow his " law " exactly I would be living a perfect life. The reality is I am not and I am aware of my shortcomings. That is simple truth. Doesn't mean I shouldn't try. It also doesn't mean that I won't wake up tomorrow and have a epiphany. I may awaken and cast off all my worldly goods and needs and devote myself to my fellow man. To live my life in the purest fashion as instructed in my Bible. And if I did that what harm would be caused to others ? If a Muslim-American were to do that what harm would come to others ? Heads chopped off, fingers cut off and blowing something up seems like a reasonable expectation given the actions of those " extremists " that follow the book of Islam. That is several of their methods to obtain passage to heaven.
 I do grow weary of the discussion. I believe the answer lies plainly in sight. I am aware that many will label me as having Islamophobia. I prefer to think of it as being informed and duly concerned. I have no choice but to take you at your word. If you tell me that is what you believe, I have to believe that as well. If we utter so much as an offensive word or term we are called racists. On the other hand an entire nation of people that claim adherence to a book that espouses violence to achieve its' end goal of world domination we call Muslim-Americans an we are told not to be concerned about that. As if just tacking American on the end of it makes it alright. That it somehow acknowledges their " heritage " while being inclusive. The problem lies in the assimilation to our society which is in stark contrast to theirs. In order to assimilate to our society they will have to abandon the teachings of their Prophet. Are they willing to do that ? Doubt it, as I certainly won't abandon mine. See the problem yet ? My prophet teaches that I should allow you to live in peace. Their Prophet teaches that they should kill to convert the others to his version of peace. Diametrically opposed philosophies.
 I try hard to remain silent but I cannot. I believe the danger is a real one. Paranoid ? I don't think so. Cautious, prudent and wise is my view. You are entitled to your opinion.