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Monday, March 14, 2016

word warriors

 Today I am posting my two thousandth blog ! Isn't that amazing ? I never expected to reach that level when I began. I have first to thank Barbara Strong Borsack for inspiring me to do so. I had read her blog and thought, " how cool is that " That was on Aug 18, 2010. It was the very next day August 19, 2010 I posted my first one. I wonder just how many words I have written since. I did have some published in book form, for myself, a few years back. It is something I think about doing again but the cost is high. Anyway, I am amazed by the number and variety of topics. I do try not to repeat myself but I'm certain I have done so. I wouldn't call it a body of work but perhaps just a limb !
 I was inspired by Barbara because she was writing from my hometown. A quaint little fishing village on Long Island. Well, it was, at one time that, but no longer. Nevertheless it is what I remember as home and so shall always remain that way. I thought, how cool is that that her words were being shared with the world ! It is still a dizzying thing to realize. Her voice and mine can be heard anywhere on earth, by practically anyone. Those words can instantly be translated into any language. Amazing, simply amazing and not to be taken for granted. No need for a learned individual to actually do that job anymore, a few keystrokes will get it done. We don't even give that a thought. Sadly that is what happens with all new technology eventually. It will just become commonplace and taken for granted. I remember well the time before this " internet " was a thing. It wasn't until 1992 that the internet as we know it today began to be used. That is a mere twenty four years ago ! It seems like it has always been available however. I retired from the Navy, after twenty two years of service, in 1991 ! I wonder if ships at sea have access to the internet ? Can we just e-mail home now, from wherever and whenever we like ? That would certainly change that whole experience. I wonder if it is for the better ? Hmm, something to consider as I do feel this internet, with all its' social media does have a tendency to add drama to our lives. Knowing " up to the minute " incidents from home while deployed could be a cause of much angst. On the other hand being able to immediately respond is a benefit. Well, I have wandered off a bit, as I often do, on a tangent. I just think this whole internet thing is an amazing technological advance. I do find myself becoming somewhat dependent upon it and grow a little concerned every now and again.
 Fortunately I only rely upon the internet for entertainment purposes. If the whole thing went down it wouldn't hurt me all that much. I can still write a letter, thank you Miss Bird for teaching me the heading, greeting, body and signature parts of a letter. Occasionally I will include a postscript. I can, when pressed also write that letter in cursive ! I wonder if this new generation can do as well ? Without " word " and a processor could todays' students define those parameters ? Although in all fairness the internet is just the delivery method employed and is not to blame for any of that.
 I am grateful however that my words, my random thoughts and memories can be shared on this platform. I have been given a soapbox ! It is a soapbox of great potential. Just how one would attract vast numbers of " followers " is a bit of a mystery to me. Some things just go " viral. " I'm not certain I want to be classified as " viral. " Viruses are something I try to avoid. Mostly what I write is for myself. I do hope that some others may benefit from my efforts. As I put it in one of my blogs, I do hope to speak some words of substance. It is something I consider in my compositions. All of my words contained in those two thousand postings are available to the world ! It is a responsibility. With responsibility, comes accountability. Even if that accountability is only to oneself it should be taken seriously. It has been said, The pen is mightier than the sword and I agree. The internet wields that same power, only faster and to a wider population. That is the responsibility I think about. I don't think anyone is in any immediate danger from me though. Not unless I become viral, or a virus ! I shall continue to wield my " pen ." I am a word warrior.