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Monday, March 7, 2016


 There is an old saying, not used often anymore, but one I feel is valid. Charity begins at home. The meaning of that phrase is lost on some, and others dispute its' truth. It means, your first responsibility is to yourself and your immediate family. I believe that can also be applied to a community or a nation. We are obligated to take care of own first and foremost. Indeed you could extrapolate this saying to mean the entire earth. The earth is our home, although I also believe it is only a temporary one. In practice though one has to begin somewhere, and our home and our family is a best place to begin. In my thinking there isn't much more that can be said about a person than, " he was a good man/woman. " All the other accolades that can be applied are just frosting.
 If we practice taking care of our own, both spiritually and financially, it will become habit. When we do things habitually we begin to forget about that action. That action then becomes an extension of ourselves. We do not think about ourselves in doing this action and that is where the charity begins.
 The thing is we must not get so involved in the act of charity that we forget to practice it. That is to say, just the act of giving is not charity. Now this phrase, charity begins at home, is not a Biblical passage although many think so. In at least one passage, a personal favorite of mine, the word charity means love. And of these three, charity is the greatest. It is saying that love is the most important thing of all. The Bible also says we should love the lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy soul and all thy mind. God is the beginning and the end so it stands to reason charity ( love ) should begin there. We can give all our worldly goods to others without ever having practiced the act of charity. Giving to others while causing harm to yourself or those you love is not charitable. Harming others to obtain things for yourself, or your family, is not a chartable act either. Charity is an act of love.
 If we were all to practice charity the practice would spread. And what is this practice ? The practice is loving your fellow man. Modern man has become too concerned with another's mans business. Instead of taking care of our own, we attempt to gain benefit from others. We have become so jaded in this thinking that we know believe just giving things away will somehow provide security at home. We are deceiving ourselves. A home is built upon love, not dependence. you can not buy love with money or gifts. Betrayal is the destroyer of love ! When we " give " it should be with no expectation of return. That is the true meaning of charity and of love for that matter. But man has not learned this lesson in practice. We are often betrayed and love is lost. We are betrayed not by the ones we gave to, but by our own conscience. We feel we have been charitable, but we have an expectation of return. It doesn't matter if that expectation is a monetary one, or just the acknowledgement of your gift. A mans' first charity is to his mother. He should love her unconditionally. That charity should extend to his family as well. Charity does begin at home.
 I have tried to explain my thinking about this but fear I have failed to convey my deepest thoughts. Simple statements are sometimes the most profound. That phrase is one of those. It will mean many things to many people. Some will interpret it as being a selfish thing. I do not. My Bible tells me that love is not boastful or envious. Love never fails. True charity is love. Our capacity to love is only limited by our own thoughts. Practice charity at home first, then you will be ready for the world.