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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The voice of reason

 Casual remarks can lead to discussions and debates. You would think I would know better by now, but apparently I don't. I see postings that I just can't seem to resist commenting on. I type in a quick response and before I know it, I'm either defending or explaining. I find this is especially true when the posting makes no sense to me or is just blatantly misleading. Like stepping on a pebble barefooted I can't help but cry out. I really should just be quiet as it doesn't do any good to yell ! Well, I admit that sometimes it makes me feel better.
 I get annoyed by postings that compare apples and oranges and draw conclusions based on that comparison. The church gets a tax break so we should fund planned parenthood ! Sorry I fail to see the logic there. Our European ancestors emigrated to north America. Some say it was immigration and illegal. I say, was their a established nation in north America ? There were nomadic tribes of indigenous people, that is true. Each tribe may have considered itself an individual nation and some were friendly , some not. Did the immigrants ( Europeans ) expect anything from this collection of host nations ? No, they did not. It was not an immigration, it was an invasion. Apples and oranges. As to the legality of it, is invasion ever legal ? The point is I find it annoying when people expect to use that as an excuse for the illegal immigration we see today. We did it ! No, we invaded. End of discussion.
 I shy away from the term " liberal " logic as it is a disparaging term. That some play fast and lose with facts is true of liberals and conservatives. That conclusions are reached based on faulty logic cannot be denied. It is just that sometimes the stretch is just so great as to be laughable. Applying a different name to a known action or response doesn't change what it is. Take Planned Parenthood. The implication is to plan for the addition to a family. The reality is , it is a plan to murder. Many don't like that reality and argue vehemently that it isn't so. I can see no other way to describe ending a human life for the sake of convenience. As far as " saving the life of the mother " that is less than 1% of all abortions performed and even that statistic is debatable. It is for convenience.
 It does seem to me that many like to jump on the bandwagon these days. Many just grab onto these little postings and memes and accept them as fact. Then they begin to support them. With a world of resources at their fingertips  no effort is made to check the facts. What really irritates is when others refuse to accept the facts. In the face of overwhelming supportive evidence they refuse. Then they go on to justify that refusal with nonsense or nonrelated facts. The most popular being, I know that is what it says but it isn't what they meant. Most often used when the Constitution or Bill of Rights is quoted. Strange how when " rights " they claim to have aren't written down that isn't a problem. Those unwritten rights are always guaranteed by those same documents they say are outdated or misunderstood. Then they say, it isn't written down but that is what it means. See my point there ? But enough of that. I will try to keep my fingers still when I see these postings in the future but it probably won't happen. I say I'll keep my mouth shut too but it doesn't happen. I'll just call myself the voice of reason and continue. Somebody has to say it. I'll try to ignore what others may call me.