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Just Me
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 The imposition of belief. Why does that seem such a necessity for some ? It is not enough that they believe, they feel impelled to force others to believe the same thing. This is true in religious matters and political ones. Name calling and violence are not uncommon methods. Threats are issued. For some, discussion is not an option, it is straight to condemnation. I wonder where this came from ? In politics the answer is a simple one, money and power. Politics appeals to mans basest desires. To control others and benefit from them in some fashion. I can grasp that motivation and we are all guilty of it on some level. Just living life requires some political skills, like negotiation. Diplomacy is the method to gain compliance with your needs. Strangely. those that practice those qualities are often considered weak. If not weak , they are thought of as manipulative. A show of force, either with strong language or physically produces immediate results. Only wealth will sway those perceptions. The wealthy speak and people generally listen. Wealth and/ or celebrity lends credence, even to a fool.
 Now that leads me to religious belief. I believe I was commanded to testify about my belief. I was told to go forth and spread the word. I wasn't told to go forth and beat people up until they profess belief in my God. That is not the goal here. I am not to just remain silent either. To testify is to tell the truth as I see it. That is testimony, first hand experience. That is what I often write about in these postings. My religious belief is what guides me through life. From that belief stems my moral and ethical code. My guide is no different than anyone else's, it is quite complicated. Often subject to different interpretations and occasional revision. I do feel the need to testify, to spread the word to others. Yes, I hope that others see the truth in my words and gain some understanding. The understanding I wish for is for others to understand me. That can be confusing. Empathy is the word used to describe that ability.
 Conflict arises when misunderstanding occurs. Although I may disagree with your choices that doesn't mean I am condemning you. All it means is I have a firm belief that your choice is the wrong choice. I will, given the opportunity, explain to you why I feel that way. Hint : It can be found in my basic religious teachings. If you dismiss those beliefs as invalid there is little I can do about that. It does no good for me to refer to the " guide " quoting those verses. What you believe to be fiction I believe as fact. That is the impasse we face. You require verifiable scientific evidence and I can only offer the empirical. Your experiences and your interpretation of them is at odds with my own. I can not understand the absence of belief anymore than you can understand why I believe. Neither of us are wrong.
 There are central issues and themes we find in conflict. I would say the issue of life and the sanctity of that life is a major one. That discussion is often argued vehemently, even within the religious community. The allowance of murder, for convenience, is something I cannot condone. The question then becomes by doing nothing to prevent it, am I giving approval ? No, I would say I am not. As long as I testify to the truth, my truth, that is all I can do. Yes, I can cast my ballot as well. I can withhold funding. I have no right or obligation to use physical means. That is the imposition of faith I am writing about. An imposition is either unfair or unwanted. My obligation is to hopefully create a desire in you to " want " to share in my belief. It is offered, not imposed. Conversely it should be accepted as such, a gift. You may politely refuse. I should feel no offense if you do so, only regret that I failed in my testimony. I'll keep trying. I'll live with the label, insistent. I'll try not to be incessant ! Truth often arrives in a thousand subtle ways. It is when you realize those truths that the " lightbulb " goes on. Ironic isn't it ? That is when we say, I saw the light. Prophetic even.