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Monday, January 11, 2016

Selling the news

 I turn on the news and the headlines are the billion dollar lottery and the Playboy mansion is for sale. I would like to win the first but have no interest in the second. As I listened to the reporters interviewing folks buying their lottery tickets I heard a few make this statement, I never buy lottery tickets, but when it gets really big I do. A bit of a contradiction but I understand what they mean. They mean they do not buy lottery tickets consistently. I don't either. I will buy one or two whenever I think about it or the mood strikes. The Powerball people stated that the jackpot begins at 40 million dollars. That is the lowest amount for the jackpot ! Let that figure sink in, forty million dollars. So to those that say I only but a ticket when the prize grows large, my question is, how much does it have to be before you risk two dollars ? Disregarding taxes and all of that is a forty million dollar return on a two dollar bet not worth the risk ? It would be a twenty million percent return, if my math is correct. That is a pretty good return. I just think the reason is a simple one. When the number gets larger more people are talking about it and it generates that interest. It is rather strange if you think about it though, we are so accustomed to the possibility of winning forty million dollars on a two dollar bet that we generally ignore it ! Ah, it's only forty million, not worth risking that two dollars I'll buy a five dollar cup of Starbucks instead. Is it rational ? Well it isn't rational to expect to win that prize either and you are guaranteed the coffee. Of course for me a cup of coffee isn't worth five bucks ! I'll drink my Folgers thank you very much.
 The other topic was the Playboy mansion being offered for sale. The asking price is 200 million dollars. They said that Hugh bought it in 1971 for 1.1 million. Yes he has made some improvements to the property over the years. A real estate expert placed the value at about 50 million due to the size of the lot and the fact that it is  "the mansion."  He added about fifteen million dollars to the price for that reason alone. There is a catch however, the current owner and resident Hugh Hefner wants lifetime rights to live there. So, he wants to sell the house and gain two hundred million dollars from the sale. That would then free him from any expenses for taxes and upkeep of the home, but, he gets to live there ! Sounds like a sweet deal to me. That mansion does have some tales to tell and I'm certain someone or a corporation will be interested. Maybe they could hire Hugh to be the greeter as they sold tours of the mansion. I can see it all now, Hugh sitting by the door, in his smoking jacket greeting the people. Hello and welcome to the Playboy mansion. You are now entering the center of immorality and decadence in America, enjoy your stay. And don't forget to stop by the gift shop.
 It could be said that both headlines concern an immoral theme. One is gambling and the other vice. Sadly both are the headlines ! It says a lot about the nature of man doesn't it ? It is true that is what sells. We should all remember when listening to the television news that it is all about making a profit. The news is presented for profit not necessarily concerned with journalistic integrity. The news won't always take the high ground. The stories that sell are the ones headlined. This morning it is gambling and the availability of a " historic " piece of property. Yes, it is historic but not a part of history I would take pride in. Hugh Hefner starts a magazine whose sole purpose is to exploit women and becomes an icon. Yup, that's America.