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Friday, January 29, 2016


 I hear much talk of free education. First and foremost, nothing is free. We have all paid taxes to fund public education, ever since there was an America. In the early days each town was responsible for that. They built the schoolhouse, purchased the books ( slates ) and paid the teacher. Eventually the government became involved. Once you start receiving funds from the public treasury regulations begin to be imposed. They may be insignificant at first but government, especially the federal government can become an insidious intruder. As evidence I present , " the common core. " Common as in, for all. It does conjure up the image of a socialist program. I can see no other way of viewing it. Common teaching methods and common testing requirements. One size fits all. Free ? Well it does come at a cost. Is education the business of government ? No, I don't believe it should be. Can one purchase an education ? Nope, you have to earn that. That is unless you consider buying those advanced degrees on the internet, which is quite possible. Commerce shall not be impeded but minor details.
 Education is an investment in yourself and your future. You hear that all the time. There is much truth to that statement. As with most investments it does require capital. It has to be paid for. Using funds from the public treasury to finance your ambitions however is not a function of government. Debt incurred by you, for your benefit, is your responsibility to repay. You wish for an advanced degree and believe I should finance that. I want a better car or larger house, should you finance that ? Both are wants. The argument that you " need " that degree to be successful in life is belied by a simple fact. Approximately 78% of the current population of the United States do not have a degree. Can we say, that 78% of the population is unsuccessful ? I don't think so. So what separates the two ? Is it merely opportunity and chance ? Perhaps it is desire and ambition. Where there is a will there is a way. For those that lack the funds to attend that prestigious college or university of their choice the path to that degree will be more difficult, same as if I wish to drive a Rolls Royce. Should I be able to borrow the money and not have to repay that debt ? Should the public treasury just provide me with those funds ? What is the difference between the two ? Both are for the benefit of the individual not the public good ! Or are we going to climb that ivory tower and say, the more educated we are, the better citizen we become. Are we saying that by financing those that want a degree we are improving our society ? How so ? Is it because we feel entitled ? Why should you feel that you are entitled to that education more than my feeling I'm entitled to a better car ? An entitlement is not a right but a special privilege or treatment. And that is at the core of this thinking, entitlement.
 It has become an increasingly prevalent notion this idea of entitlement. That each of us should receive special treatment or privileges. It is an interesting contrast with other social idioms. The biggest one of those being, the upper ten percent. We are upset that they enjoy what is perceived to be special treatment and privilege, the very thing we wish to eradicate. That is because if I have to borrow money, and then pay that money back, it just isn't fair. I'm entitled to an education. No, you are not. You are free to pursue your educational interests just as I am free to pursue the purchase of that automobile. If everyone is entitled to the same thing that is called socialism. Who benefits the most from socialism ? Not the individual, that much is certain. The fact is individual achievements are not rewarded and as a result a lack of motivation may be the result. The bottom line for me is this, each of us can reach our educational goals if that is what we genuinely desire. The road is there. It may not be an easy ride. That doesn't mean I have to buy you a Rolls Royce to get there anymore than you have to buy me, well, a Rolls Royce. One only becomes entitled by earning that entitlement ! We are born with three inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everything else must be earned.
 Consider this, if everyone is to be given a free college education, how many will choose to get a job or join the military after high school ? I'm 18, what do you think I'm going to do ? So, how do we determine who gets to attend and who does not ? We rely upon what ? The government to establish regulations and standards that must be followed. The administration of the program is going to cost how much ? Don't forget that everyone is " entitled " and so how to exclude the moochers without appearing, gasp, prejudicial ? I'm going to college, that is paid for, but now I have to eat and need housing. Shouldn't I also be entitled to that ? And make sure it isn't substandard according to government policy. You're probably going to have to increase my entitlement. I'm entitled to entertainment as well and some spending money. Sounds like a familiar program doesn't it ? Free housing, free food, free education and you are rewarded for making the same poor life choices over and over. Yeah, that's a plan alright. I'm going to college, where is my EBT card ? Oh and when I graduate I will require a starting salary of at least 80,000 because well, I'm entitled to that.