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Monday, January 18, 2016

fueling the passion

 When we are really interested in something we say we are passionate about it. It is continued interest that fuels the passion. I think interest may be sparked by our own curiosity, that starts the fire, but the fuel necessary to sustain that passion is the interest of others. We must receive that or the fire dies down. It may remain and just smolder for years. Occasionally a little fuel may be added and result in a flare up. That is the case with me anyhow. I know that it isn't that way with others. I admire those that can pursue their interest regardless of what others think or say. I do not understand how they keep the fire going without that external fuel. Is the inability to do that a lack of security on my part ? A psychoanalyst may arrive at that conclusion. I can see that but wouldn't agree. I think positive feedback is a requirement for success. The difference may be how you measure success.  Are you doing the action for your own benefit, or for the acceptance of others. I'm not talking about acceptance of you personally, but acceptance of your work or interest. I enjoy creating things, whether they are woodworking projects or literary works. I enjoy them more when others enjoy them along with me. It is that reciprocity of enjoyment that fuels my passions.
  Finding the balance between arrogance and self confidence. That is what I am talking about here. My upbringing was focused upon those qualities. The arrogant folks were not admired where I came from. One was to avoid appearing so at all costs. Self confidence was a thing to posses but not to flaunt. Bragging we called that and it was unappealing. Those that focused solely upon doing their own thing were considered a bit eccentric. Where I grew up we had a number of them. The names are famous people, all very successful in their field. They were all a bit eccentric ! Different is another way of saying that. Well, when you are rich and famous you can afford to be different is what I was told. Makes sense.
 It is the willingness to just put it out there that makes the difference. Is presenting your work a matter of arrogance or is it just confidence in that works validity. A work must be valid to be accepted. It has to fill a need in others. The " artist " must find and understand that need in others to be successful. In written works the words need to transport people, take them to another place. They are for edification or entertainment, sometimes both. So how do you measure the success or failure of your efforts ? Is it measured by the willingness of others to spend their money for your work ? The more others spend, the greater your success ? Popularity is the measurement is it not ? Popularity equals financial success. Well, not always. Some continue to pursue their passions regardless of any of that. They have an internal source of fuel that is seemingly inexhaustible. It is that which remains a mystery to me. I have been told you should do things to just please yourself. I understand that. The thing is I am most pleased when I can please others. Hey becoming rich and famous would be cool, I could handle that, but that isn't my goal in life. I just want to be happy. It's that simple really. When those around me are happy, I'm happy too. If I can contribute to your happiness, even if only for a few minutes, I will have been successful. Good Greif that sounds patronizing.