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Friday, January 8, 2016

a man of action

 I have always admired those with advanced degrees. Going to college wasn't something that was discussed much around my house. That was reserved for those families with money or gifted athletes. At least that was the perception that was portrayed at home. Every time someone with a higher education make some sort of error I would hear this phrase, " he ain't nothing but an educated damn fool. " Over the years I now understand that phrase completely and must say it does hold some validity. I've met a few of those folks myself. Growing up in the blue collar community not many aspired to college. For me it was get a job or join the military. The military offered you training in a field while getting paid. It is hard to refute the value of that situation. Sure you might have to go to war and fight, possibly get yourself shot, but if it was necessary you would do that regardless. At least by volunteering you did get to choose. I choose the Navy for several very practical reasons. First off my oldest brother had been in the Navy and several of my Uncles had served during world war two. Secondly, this was during the Vietnam era and it is hard for the Vietcong to sneak up on you onboard a ship. Then there was the matter of a clean bed and three meals a day, sounded better all the time. I did receive training in being a stationary engineer as well. So the decision was made and I must say it turned out well. Yes I could have worked on and received an advanced degree had I chosen to do so, but that wasn't in the cards. Or more properly that wasn't the hand I played. Let's just say I had a lot of fun along the way and leave it at that.
 Now as far as those educated damn fools I mentioned earlier I have a theory about that. With advanced degrees come a higher salary. The more money you have as disposable income the more time you have to devote to the esoteric. Sometimes those folks get lost in that neighborhood and that is when they appear to be fools. The rest of us are too busy concerning ourselves with the everyday business of earning a living, or seeking an escape from that living. It is the plight of the common man. Often times the esoteric is of little value to survival, indeed it is the concern of scholars. Many scholars justify their decisions upon the fact they have a degree. They will present that fact as evidence of their superior intellect. Problem is they are presenting it to men of action. Different game altogether. And this often manifests itself in politics more so than in any other field. We the people tend to elect those with these degrees. Why ? Because the perception is they are smart. They also have the means to pursue the political ladder. The drawback being these are people more concerned with the esoteric nature of government than in actually doing something ! That is why they spend so much time in committee and discussion. This is how they make their living. It wasn't always that way though. Originally the members of Congress only convened to handle the business of government for a short time and then returned home to manage their own concerns. Those folks were grounded more in getting things done. They were educated men of action ! They were not just educated. Big difference.  Modern day scholars can become isolated from the world and I believe that is what happens in some cases. Celebrity may also have the same effect. The common denominator being disposable income and a separation from the " real " world.
 I do not regret the fact I do not posses an advanced degree. Education and intelligence has little to do with that. It is action that gets things done. I do find it a little frustrating that unless you can procure that evidence of having completed courses of instruction, you are not considered for certain positions. That piece of paper does open doors to opportunity that can not be denied. It is just that I do not place such a high value on it as some. It's impressive but not necessarily humbling. I do find it amusing when someone with an advanced degree writes or expounds upon a subject that they really have little or no understanding of. They will write, with a flourish, their name followed by those letters. PhD. Well Doctor all I can say is, you're an educated damn fool. If you want to know how to lay block, talk to the mason not the architect ! The architect can tell you what it looks like and how it should be built but can't actually do it. That takes a man of action. I think that is what this country needs right now, a man of action. Those actions must be correct and meaningful however. Just doing something for the sake of doing it does nothing either. We need to choose carefully. We need to come down out of the clouds and get to work. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare ? Slow and steady wins the race. Yes, I'm a conservative person by nature and in my politics. Tried and true methods are always best to achieve results. It is fine to experiment, much can be discovered, but don't base your life upon it.