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Thursday, January 28, 2016

determination of worth

 There are subjects I hesitate to bring up for fear of alienating my audience. First off, I think it is an amazing thing to have an audience. I am thrilled that there are those reading my words and thoughts on a fairly regular basis. I do think I know my demographics even without a marketing firm crunching the numbers. Well, I do have twenty two " followers " according to google. That's practically a cult in my book ! Why, it's a movement. But with a following comes a responsibility. It is that way with everything in life, it's not all fun and games. People can get hurt ! This paragraph is my attempt at satire. It does hold one truth and that is there are subjects I am hesitant to broach.
 The subjects that fall into that category are the ones of no consequence. That is to say, they really don't make a difference. Perhaps it is your fashion sense or model of car you prefer. I have an opinion on those things but does it matter ? Only to me and that is the point. If the subject doesn't effect others in a significant way why bring it up ? The real question in my mind is, are these small things indicators of greater changes ? Is that why we often wish to bring them up for discussion or ridicule. Things that are different or have changed over time can be disturbing. That is what the generational thing is all about. Small indicators of change. To some it is the " chicken little " syndrome. I do think it holds some validity though. We express ourselves in many ways, with our dress, music, literature, movies and even politics. The latest fad and fashion will not always foretell tomorrows norm, but it may. Once the wall is breached the tide flows in.
 The other side of this is I don't like the feeling of being confined. I am all for free discussion on any subject or observation. I understand that some people are easily offended and read into things. The problem being they sometimes skip pages and head right to the conclusion. That's when things get messy. Believe me I can get " passionate " about just about any thing. I calm down just as quickly. My shortcoming is that I will defend my position to the last. Like a dog with a bone I will just chew it up ! Sometimes I'll bury that bone, but it will get dug up again at some point ! And so I struggle with that. I sometimes feel the urge to uncover those old bones even though I know I shouldn't. There is something to be said about letting a sleeping dog lie. If I want to profess free discussion, I must practice free discussion. I need to take that chance. Wake up the dog and dig up the bone ! One must be willing to sacrifice for their passion. The only requirement necessary is the determination of worth. Isn't that the premise of sacrifice ? An offering in exchange for a reward. Do I wish to write my thoughts and observations in the hope of gain ? What is that gain ? What am I willing to sacrifice for that gain ? Those are questions worthy of thought. Questions I will have to consider carefully, a meditation. If there is nothing to be gained, is the action worth doing ? There are times when it is best to do nothing at all.