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Thursday, June 1, 2017

frowned upon

 Well that comedienne Kathy Griffin stepped in it didn't she ? I see where she has apologized and feels so bad for her indiscretion. CNN has severed ties with her and she will have to pay the price. I am surprised that I am not hearing support for her from the left. Freedom of speech and all that. Considering it was an attack on Trump I am surprised I'm not hearing hooray and well done ! Could it be that the left agrees, that sort of thing is frowned upon ? Could we be witnessing a change of heart ?  Well, I'm not going to go that far there are plenty of other things the left endorses that in my opinion should be frowned upon. Yes I understand all about the Constitution and Bill of Rights and all your precious freedoms. Hey, they are precious to me as well, but there are certain things that are just way too much, over the top , and this last incident is just one of many. Never have I witnessed such incivility directed towards a president. Oh, I know Obama caught his share of flak, but the personal attacks on he and his family were no where near the magnitude of what we are seeing now. Not that Trump doesn't bring some of it on himself with his tweeting. Still, a little decorum please.
 Just why was this image so offensive ? Was it because of the beheadings ISIS carries out ? Was it because it was such a gruesome image ? As troublesome as that image is I can't seem to figure that out. There were certainly images of Obama involving nooses, which really seem to getting people upset lately, and other racial and ethic slurs. I don't remember any big backlash when any of that happened. In my opinion they were as equally offensive. So the question I have, is just what chord was struck here ? Don't misunderstand me, I condemn her actions vehemently, a vile and heartless act in the hope of gaining attention. Well, you got it ! But why this one image caused such a stir even from the left ? Could it be that the proverbial " *hit "  hit the fan ? I guess it isn't a very educated theory but that's exactly what I think happened. You can only pile it so high. Enough is enough. 
 I've know this for a while and I'm certain many others have as well, the left became unbalanced when Hillary lost. I mean we all know, for a fact, that the DNC conspired to undermine Bernie. He was a challenge to Hillary that they just couldn't abide. So, the left rigs the primaries in the certainty that Hillary will win the general election. Then, omg, she didn't win ! It has been a hissy fit ever since. Protests and marches galore, investigations and allegations just flying everywhere. It's all a conspiracy, Trump and the Russians ! Everyone is losing their healthcare, food stamps and welfare ! The illegals are going to be deported, I mean, my God this president intends to put America first ! He is going to enforce the laws as they are written ! And then Kathy Griffin posts  that image ! It was just too much ! It is my hope that it serves as a bucket of cold water to the face of the left ! Yes, there are boundaries, walls if you will, that you just don't cross ! I know that is a lot to hope for but we need to stop all this nonsense. I get it, Trump is an offensive person to many, he is brash and abrasive. I said it more than a year ago, he is no diplomat, statesman or politician.  What he is is a businessman. I didn't cast my ballot in favor of him but let him get about the business of governing. If the results are unsatisfactory we can all hire another person in four years. That's the way it works in America folks. Acting like a bunch of spoiled little brats, well, that my friends is frowned upon ! Just ask Kathy.