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Monday, June 12, 2017

little things

 Did you know it was on this day in 1942 that a little girl named Anne Frank received a diary as a birthday present. I didn't, but I have a book that tells me what happened every day in history. I do enjoy reading those little tid bits of history. Now consider that gift of a diary, who could have foreseen the impact that would have in history. I would argue it is one of the more important documents from the twentieth century. I also admit to having never read it. I have only a rudimentary knowledge of that diary. That speaks to the importance of that book though, that I should be aware of it. I know they have made movies about it as well.
 When I read that footnote in history I was reminded how whatever we do may have an impact that we cannot conceive of. I'm certain that little girl never dreamed her diary, a personal thing, would become known as a piece of literature. It wasn't the gift that was of importance, but her appreciation of that gift. I mean she did take the time to hold onto that diary and record her experiences in it. That diary was of great importance to her. Having never read the book or really anything about her or her feelings I can only speculate. Was that diary her way of holding onto normalcy ? Perhaps it was or perhaps she was just recording those things she found difficult to believe. Whatever the case was she couldn't have known the impact it would have.
 Now I don't expect anything like that will happen to any of us. Fact is, no one does. Anne Frank certainly didn't. She said so herself, she didn't think anyone would be interested in the musing of a thirteen year old girl. Those were her words. I looked up some quotes from her and that is one of them. Had she not be caught up in WW2 and died in a concentration camp would anyone had paid attention to her writings ? Maybe, maybe not. It was her father that discovered those diaries and it was a fathers love that saw the importance in them. I can't help but think there surely were others, many others in fact, that have gone unknown and unnoticed. Is it chance or fate ? I tend to believe that our lives are predestined. We will be what we become. It is only the road we take to get there that we decide upon. I believe the end result will be the same. That is the free choice we are given. Of course if we stay on the wrong road, all is lost. Does God know that ? I guess it we are indeed predestined that would have to be the case. Perhaps that is why some think about getting a do over. We keep coming back until we get it right ! It could be that each of us are but a tiny fragment in the cosmos. It is only when all the fragments are assembled that the purpose will be revealed to us. It could be I'm destined to be one the scraps left over. I don't much like that idea but it is a possibility.
 I read that little bit of history this morning and thought about it. Whoever gave her that diary as a gift and I haven't researched it to find out because it isn't important, had no idea what would be set in motion. The same is true with all of us. We can never be certain what will happen next. The most innocent of things, a small gift. It wound up being a gift to all of humanity. Isn't that remarkable ?