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Sunday, June 11, 2017

under the influence

 With all this talk about the Russians hacking our elections I was reminded of the " Red " scare during the fifties and sixties. We were convinced that the Russians wanted to blow us all up. Sure we had executed Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for giving the Russians information on building the atomic bomb but it was too late, we knew they had one. It was only a matter of time until they dropped one on America ! We had " civil defense " shelters everywhere if we could just get to them in time. When I was in grade school we did have our " safe spaces. " They were under our desks ! If you had warning you could duck under those desks and be shielded from the blast. That is what we were told anyway and what we practiced doing. Make sure you tuck your head in to cover your eyes, that stuff can blind you ! We weren't told about a thermo-nuclear blast that would incinerate you, it was just a big bomb. A really big bomb. But hey, that's the Russians for you. Boris and Natasha were even after our squirrels. Rocky and Bullwinkle weren't fooled by them though and always prevailed. The United States would too. And now I find out it is all propaganda. Those Russians are still at it. Only thing that has changed is the names. Vladimir instead of Boris.
 Strange thing is when asked directly whether the Russians changed even a single vote in our election the former director of the FBI said, no. He said he was certain that they had not. He was certain they tried to influence the election though. I wonder if all the " dead " voters and the ones that voted illegally influenced the election ? I guess not as I don't hear any talk about any of that. I just can't help but wonder how a precinct can report more votes for a certain candidate than registered voters in that same precinct ! Well must be that new math they are teaching the kids. That " common core " stuff. The only thing common about it is the education they are receiving as a result. I suspect the Russians are behind that as well. It has to be the Russians. They are a tricky bunch, influencing our elections and I didn't even know it. If Hillary had won, I still wouldn't know about that. No telling what else they are influencing. I'm thinking they are behind this whole Muslim thing as well. It is the Russians that are influencing the Muslims to become radicals ! Yes, that's it. Oh, those Russians they are a devious race.
 Going back to the whole hacking thing though, I am under the impression in order to hack into something, like a computer, you have to gain access. If that is the case the FBI says they didn't hack into our elections at all, not one vote was changed. They influenced our elections. Isn't that what a candidate is trying to do when they are campaigning ? Sounds like they are trying to influence my decision to cast my ballot for a specific individual, usually them. Sometimes they do hire others to " speak " for them and try to influence me in that way. Some just hire pop stars or respected intellectuals to do the talking figuring that will change my mind. Whatever the case I am being influenced. Apparently it is something to be investigated.
 Hard to believe that we were once allies with the reds. Of course that all fell apart as soon as the war was over. Those Russians wanted everything. We wound up cutting Berlin in half on account of them. General Patton wanted to take them out right then. We already had the troops and equipment there, it was a perfect opportunity. Eisenhower convinced Truman that was a bad idea. Patton had an " accident " and died. Later on Ike becomes the president and has to deal with the Red scare. Ain't politics something ? Patton didn't want to " influence " anyone he wanted to " hack " them to pieces. If he had all this could have been avoided. And now the Russians are influencing our elections. I must be getting old and tired. All I can do is shake my head. It's gotta be Russia. You know Charlie Chaplin was thought to be a communist. That's right, the little tramp himself. When he went to Europe Ike slapped a " travel ban " on his sorry butt and he wasn't allowed to return to America ! No one was upset by that either, not even Hollywood. It was the Russians that influenced Chaplin ! Imagine that.