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Just Me
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Friday, June 2, 2017


 I saw on the news that LeBron James had his home or was it his security gate vandalized. Someone spray painted a racial slur on it. You don't suppose it was someone that doesn't like his basketball team do you ? I mean, I don't follow the NBA but do know his team is in the playoffs. I also know that it is quite the rivalry with the two teams. Hey, but I guess it was just somebody that doesn't like black people. I even heard LeBron saying how even though he is rich and famous it is tough being black in America. Yes, I expect it is quite difficult to live in a gated mansion surrounded by all that wealth. Wonder why I don't feel so bad for him ? Imagine that, all that wealth and fame and there are still people that just plain don' like you. Surely it is the color of your skin LeBron, that must be the reason.
 Now I know that racism exists in America. Gee, what a revelation that is. Racism and bigotry has existed in the society of man ever since there was a society of man. I just can't believe it still exists . right ? That is what I hear from the left all the time. Why it is just incredulous ? What, people don't like other people that are somehow different ? How can that be ? We are supposed to embrace diversity. Well unless that diversity is diverse to what we are saying that is. Then we will hold rallies and protest, we will even riot if necessary. Oh, you will be diverse whether you want to or not ! So anyway, LeBron is upset that somebody called him a name. Hard to believe that happens in America, isn't it. People saying or doing hateful things. Next thing you know there will be beheadings ! Oh, that's right the left has already staged a photo shoot for that. At least she was fired for that as everyone agreed that was a bit much.
 What I do find disturbing in all of this is LeBron James, who is certainly an idol to many young black children, shoot all children that love the game of basketball really, making his statement about it being hard to be black in America. What is the real message he is sending to those young people ? What he is saying is even if you are successful, a star, a millionaire and a celebrity if you are black in America it's tough. What he is really saying is, you'll never be white ! Isn't that the real message. What happened to I'm black and I'm proud ? That is what James Brown was singing back in '68. What are they singing now ? I can't even listen to the words anymore because of the racial slurs they use in almost every line. Oh, but they call it art, being creative these days, yeah right. LeBron James has a social responsibility. What he should be saying is, you can make it too ! He should have just said, yeah some idiot spray painted my gate and let it go at that. Encourage the school yard bullies and you'll get more of the same. That's a lesson I learned in elementary school. But what is LeBron teaching the kids, specifically black kids ? No matter what you'll always be black and life will not be fair to you, at least not in America. Well all I have to say is if being the third highest paid athlete in America is oppression bring it on ! I want to be #1.
 All I'm saying here is that if you teach the children that they are oppressed, they will be oppressed. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. I don't understand why the black community insists on teaching their children that they can't be successful because they are black. I just don't get the message. LeBron is even telling them when they are successful they are not because white people hate them. I guess it is because I'm not black. It must be all this white privilege I enjoy. Because, you know being white in America I get every advantage. I wonder if those folks living in Appalachia got the memo on that ? And just how many government sponsored programs are there for the majority ? I haven't seen a pamphlet on that. Oh, that's right I can just invoke " privilege " anytime I want.
 Look I'm not saying there weren't injustices and inequities in the past. We are all well aware of that history. Thing is you can not use history to create a future. If you stay in the past that is where you will be. I'm not saying it is easy. Hey, news flash, it isn't easy for any of us that aren't born into wealth and power. Even then I expect there are pressures, expectations to meet, it is called being a human being. Quit using the injustice of the past as justification for your failures ! Being black in America is not a " failsafe "  to excuse your every mistake. If you choose to get involved in criminal activity it is because that is what you chose ! It really has nothing to do with being black. If you have children before marriage and the father of that baby refuses to take responsibility for that baby it is not because you are black, it is because of the choices you made. Bottom line is this, as long as you keep teaching your children that everything that happens to them, good or bad, is dependent upon the color of their skin they will believe that. But hey, I'm just a white guy that wouldn't know anything about any of that so I'm just a racist. My hope is that one day we will get past all of that nonsense. In the meantime people are sometimes bigoted and mean, they will do things like that. Don't encourage them by validating their hate. And that is just what LeBron James did ! I'm mad about that and I'm not even black. Last I knew they don't even know who did it. We are all just assuming it is a white guy. but we wouldn't want to stereotype anyone would we ?