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Friday, June 30, 2017

when the time is right

 The message has become, embrace change. It seems that message has been received. Now I know why some of the older folks I have known felt that they had lived too long. I'm thinking I'm closing in on that as well. I have seen so many changes I don't even recognize my country anymore. I've got to say I don't like what I'm seeing. Things have happened and I missed them entirely, then when I become aware it is like a trap that has sprung. I just learned that California has state sponsored suicide and what's worse, so does five other states ! I wasn't aware that it was legal in so many places. So the government not only endorses the killing of the unborn, but of the elderly as well. I'm seeing a movie come to life. I don't remember the name of this film but it was basically that. Babies were manufactured in the lab according to your specifications and the elderly were just eliminated when they became a burden, or a certain age as I recall. I suppose that is one way to reduce the cost of healthcare !
I am beginning to understand exactly what those folks mean. It is a frustration. I become increasingly frustrated with the choices I see being made. I wasn't aware of all these states sponsoring suicide. All those states also sponsor suicide prevention hotlines ! Does that make sense ? Only if you buy into the premise that the government can decide for you when that action is acceptable. In California you have to get two physicians to agree. Oh, and you have to sign a paper 48 hours before you intend to do it. Guess it is fine as long as you give notice, you know, so no one can be sued. Have we really decided to change that much ? We now believe and endorse the notion of suicide as a personal choice ? That is a viable option ? If things get real tough, just quit, check out and call it a life ! That's what we are saying ? On the other hand if our dog is gravely ill it is illegal to just shoot him and put him out of his misery. No, you can't do that ! You can pay the veterinarian to do it though, as long as you pay a professional it is alright. You know what, the dog is just as dead. But we need government guidance don't we ? Government endorsement and permission. Allowing another person to kill themselves or killing our pets is fine as long as we have government permission.
 It appears the change we will embrace has nothing to do with morality or ethics. No, the change is about what we want. Do not be concerned with the greater good, just what is good for you. This person is suffering with a terminal illness so I'll give you permission to kill yourself. Hey, that's what you want right ? Okay, so I'll provide you with the means, even encourage you to go through with that, but I hold no responsibility right ? I'm a complete innocent in all of that. I'm doing you a favor ! I'm a compassionate person so I will help you kill yourself ! Guess I've lived too long with a different idea entirely. Quite the opposite really. I really don't understand how a doctor can take an oath to do no harm and then prescribe a lethal dose of drugs ! Just how do you justify that action ?
 Well that has become law in those states and it is what it is. I don't have to like it or agree with it. It is just an example of the frustration I feel. It's similar to telling your children about relationships and things like that. They still go out there and get their heart broken, taken advantage of and cheated. You tried to tell them, but they ain't listening. It's a frustration. I see these changes taking place and I get frustrated. No one knows the hour of their death and neither does a doctor ! It is only a guess ! So we have decided to remove the guesswork and just get on with it.
 Now the Bible doesn't say if you commit suicide you go to hell. That is not my objection to this idea that suicide is alright and can be a compassionate act. My objection is that we cannot know , for certain when we will die. I do believe that is known only to God. I also feel it is wrong to take that decision out of his hands ! A bit presumptuous wouldn't you say ?  I believe God knows when the time is right.