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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

what's next

  I was wondering if when you go to heaven, do you start over ? What I mean is, do you start again with all the people you have encountered here on earth. Do you get another chance to correct the mistakes you may have made or take actions that you wish you had. Or is it like so many say, you arrive and everyone you have known is waiting for you ? I guess if they are in heaven that would be a good thing as only the " good " people get there. Of course the alternative would be hell where all your enemies are waiting for you, to torture you for all eternity ! Now that sure sounds bad. It could be that when we die we are sentenced to spend eternity with those that we chose to spend our lives with on earth, good or bad. Now that would be an incentive to choose your company wisely. Hey we have all had those friends that were fun for a little while, a real blast, until they got us into trouble of some sort. Some of us married those folks as well ! Strange how it seemed like such a good idea at the time. Well, live and learn is what they say.
 What I was wondering about though was getting a fresh start in heaven. A kind of celestial do over. Then once you get that right you are sent back to earth to inspire others. Now, you wouldn't necessarily come back as an evangelist or prophet, you could come back as anything. The important part would be that you are a role model. You would be one of those people that leave an impression on others, for good. That would be the people making the correct choices. We all know people like that, that give good sound advice and seem to have an awareness we don't possess. Maybe that awareness is experience. Now I don't think of this as reincarnation although the concept is similar. I'm just thinking I can't come back as a bug or some animal. Well, alright I guess that would be a form of punishment, but I just don't buy into that scenario.  I guess that is human vanity speaking as I am certainly more important than a bug ! Of course there is something to be said for the whole greater cosmos thing and each part is integral. The issue I have with that is we know some animals, mammals, and plants have gone extinct. So that means they couldn't have been so integral after all. They either just disappeared or where replaced by something else.  I don't think I'll ever go extinct though. That's the whole afterlife thing right ?
 Time is a relative thing. What we conceive of as a year may be no more than blink of an eye. We think of time as traveling along a straight line, It just continues on. Could be that isn't so at all. It could be that we each live in our own time. Heaven could be the beginning, not the end. So every time we fall short here on earth we are sent back to the beginning. It may be that is why some of us experience Deja vu. We have been here before. Maybe if you keep making the same mistake enough times you do begin to remember it ! We start out innocent as a child, the closet thing to being like Jesus , and the journey begins. The majority of us will stray from that path. Some will make it farther than others. The real question is, where are we going  ? If we started out in heaven what is the destination ? Now that I don't have an answer for. Are we just stuck in a circle ? I can't believe that because what would be the purpose of that ? And I do believe we are here for a purpose. Maybe not as individuals but as a species. And doesn't the Bible say, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. First was the heavens. The last thing God says in the Bible is, I am coming back soon. I'm thinking the circle will be broken when that happens. I just wonder what is next.