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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

the strongest stand alone

 I was taught that God helps those that help themselves. Through hard work, diligence and prayer all things are possible. I admit it is not an easy thing, this belief, but it is a necessity. When things go right it is easy to take the credit and forget that you did have the help of God. When things go bad, who do we want to blame ? God. Strange how that works isn't it ? We take credit for the good and place blame for the bad. This has been so since the beginning. Whether man has one God or a hundred we look for someone to blame. Oh sure, we holler our praises to our God or Gods when things go the way we want them too, but it isn't an acknowledgement of our Gods help, no it is more like we are thanking God that he didn't mess things up. At least that is the way I see things going these days. That is also why I see God being eliminated altogether. Hey, you can't sue God when things go wrong but you can sue your neighbor ! And isn't that what we call justice these days, monetary compensation ? Seems that way to me. That is also why many feel the wealthy can just do as they please, they can afford it. If we don't get whatever we want we will just sue for it ! We'll call it social justice though that doesn't sound quite as greedy does it ? If you are rich you should have to give some of that money to me, it's only fair. What do I have to give you in return ? Nothing, nothing at all.
 America was founded on the principles of hard work, diligence, and an acknowledgement of God, a higher power than ourselves. Yes, the founding fathers argued over just who God was, I know all that but they all acknowledged a higher power existed. That is the basic principle of belief. There is a power greater than yourself that will guide you and help you in life if you but listen. The only mystery is in knowing what to listen to. That is also a mystery you have to solve for yourself. For some it is called enlightenment and for others just a gentle acceptance. I do believe we all know the truth and it is a matter of acceptance. We don't know it all ! For all of mans' advancements in science and technology, all of our advances in medicine, we still don't know all that much. Oh, it was a big bang. Yeah ? What caused that to happen ? We can save a life ! Can we really ? Can we create one ? No. Yes, you can take one, that doesn't take much knowledge, hey, a rock can do that. And that is exactly why God is called the creator, only God can create life. When man starts to believe that life is just some sort of accident, a random occurrence in an infinite universe, man will perish by his own hand. Man needs faith to survive. It is a simple truth.
 I get angry and shake my head in disbelief as those that would deny this basic truth. I also get just as angry at those that insist God will do it all just for the asking. Neither one of those are the truth. We shouldn't attempt to use our Gods as instruments. The Gods do not exist for us, we exist at their pleasure. It doesn't matter if you believe in one God or a hundred, that is not the point. The point is obedience. And what is obedience ? It is as simple as doing what is right. We all know right from wrong. It is just that we allow others to convince us otherwise. Strength in numbers right ? Truth is, the strongest stand alone.
 I'm not certain what it is I am trying to say this morning. I'm unhappy with the direction the country is going. We are divided and it ain't getting any better. I have a bad feeling about all of this. Thing is I ain't blaming Trump, although I didn't vote for him. I don't blame the government as some sort of separate entity. The government is the people ! How is it so many fail to understand that ? The government are the people that we choose to represent us. So why is it that for every perceived failure we blame the government ? We should be blaming ourselves ! We are responsible. We the people are responsible for all of this mess ! And what is our solution ? Sue somebody, anybody, and place the blame there. Never mind about God, he doesn't have any money but the government does. And just where does that government money come from ? Why it is an endless supply, almost like " manna " from heaven. The government will sustain us. Well I can tell you this much. The Israelites received " manna " from heaven " by a demonstration of their faith. Can you believe in government ?  No, you can't and for one simple reason. Governments are created by man. I don't have any answers but I can tell you this much, it is going to take the intervention of God to straighten it all out. And that intervention begins in the heart of each one of us. It doesn't come as a gift, free for the asking, it is a reward. God helps those that help themselves, a simple truth.